“[I’m a] Gangsta goth geisha”, tweets singer Rihanna, on the set of the ‘Coldplay feat. Rihanna’ music video shoot, for song “Princess of China”.

Although Rihanna is not from Chinese decent, nor is she Japanese like real Geisha girls, she’s put together her own version of a Geisha, and we can’t say that it’s ‘princess-like’.


Rihanna tweeted a few pictures of her in a Hollywood version-of-a-Geisha costume, where the pictures show her eyebrows thinned, her eyeliner pointed out to the sides, and in a up-do wig that about touches the ceiling… but that’s not all.

A naughty Rihanna smokes a cigarette, flips off the camera with her 3-inch press-on nail, and basically wants you to know, that she doesn’t give a darn what you think.