‘Full Scale Panic’ As Doctors Treating Coronavirus Patients Start Dying Suddenly In China

WUHAN, CHINA. (THECOUNT) — Liang Wudong, a retired Wuhan doctor who sprung into action to help treat patients suffering from coronavirus, has himself died – Nine days after contracting the deadly virus.

Wudong, 62, who had been treating patients at a hospital in Wuhan, died from the virus Saturday morning, according to state-run China Global Television Network.

Wudong, who was retired, but enlisted to help with the outbreak, died Saturday. It was also reported that another doctor, Jiang Jijun, had died from a “heart attack,” also while treating coronavirus infected patients.

It is unknown if Jijun, an infectious disease specialist, who treated bird flu and influenza A and tuberculosis outbreaks over the years, died as a result of coronavirus or from exhaustion, reports Vanguardngr.

Video released from the affected area showed “full scale of panic” inside Wuhan hospitals. The video showed crowded corridors, patients slumped on the floor and “screaming” could be heard.


Geo quick facts: Wuhan, the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province, is a commercial center divided by the Yangtze and Han rivers. The city contains many lakes and parks, including expansive, picturesque East Lake. Nearby, the Hubei Provincial Museum displays relics from the Warring States period, including the Marquis Yi of Zeng’s coffin and bronze musical bells from his 5th-century B.C. tomb – wikipedia.

Social Media ROASTS Samsung Over Galaxy Note 7 FIRE FAIL TOP 10 FUNNIEST Memes

Folks on social media are roasting Samsung after the company was forced to discontinue its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to a fire hazard.

The stark safety concerns have sparked a firestorm of hilarious memes on social media. Here are our picks for top 10 funniest.


The troubled smartphone has, for many people, become synonymous with setting fire after exploding handsets were reported around the world including in China, South Korea and the U.S. The decision to permanently discontinue the product, which was meant to be Samsung’s rival to Apple’s iPhone, is forecast to cost the company $17 billion in lost sales. Continue reading

BREAKING: Iran Backed Forces FIRE On US Warship In Red Sea

Iranian-backed forces fired two missiles at a U.S. Navy destroyer operating off the coast of Yemen in the Red Sea on Sunday, the Pentagon said in a statement. The Houthi rebels fired two shots, however, neither missile hit the ship.

The American warship was “definitely targeted,” a U.S. defense official told Fox News.

Iranian drones us carriers persian gulf

This dramatic escalation comes a week after the U.S. Navy sent warships to the area when a United Arab Emirates flagged auxiliary ship was destroyed off the coast of Yemen by the Houthis. “We assess the missiles were launched from Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen,” Pentagon spokesman Capt Jeff Davis said. “The United States remains committed to ensuring freedom of navigation everywhere in the world, and we will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our ships and our service members.” h/t foxnews


It was not immediately clear how close the missiles came to the destroyer.

Tim Tebow Comments On Colin Kaepernick Refusal To Stand During National Anthem

Devout Christian, Tim Tebow, who is taking part in an instructional league for the New York Mets, fielded a question on San Francisco 49ers benched quarterback Colin Kaepernick refusal to stand during the playing of the national anthem.

Surprisingly Tebow appears to support Kaepernick’s and other NFL players’ “right to protest,” while questioning the way it is being carried out.

“I think there’s a lot of people who have thoughts out there,’’ Tebow said to USA Today Sports’ Bob Nightengale, “and for now, I’m just going to keep mine to myself about it. Continue reading

Rio Olympic Silver Medals Made From Recycled X-Ray Plates Gold Medals Not So Golden

One would assume that Olympics medals handed out during the summer games in Rio are actually made of gold, silver, and bronze.. Guess again. The reality is more complicated.

Because distributing pure gold medals would be cost prohibitive, the actual gold medals are made mostly of silver with a thin layer of real gold bonded for color. The silver medal is made from silver that is recycled from, among other items, X-ray plates, car parts, and mirrors.

are olympics gold medals really made of gold

Gold Medal

Gold medals at the Olympics haven’t actually been 100% gold since the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. Since then, they’ve actually been mainly made of silver, with a gold plating on top to give them the expected appearance. Continue reading

Afrophobia is Alive and Kicking in China

It all started a few month back with a Quiobi detergent commercial but this was not just any old regular advertisement. This commercial was one for the record books, going down as one of the most racist ads of all time.

Across the globe mouths dropped and social media blew up as people watched in disbelief. The commercial begins with an Asian woman shoving a black man into a washing machine with the detergent in his mouth. After a cycle he then emerges as a shiny and clean lighter skinned Chinese man, who she shows an attraction to.

china Afrophobia

It didn’t take long for this advert to gain negative attention from online sites like Huffington Post, Facebook and Reddit with the caption “Seriously China?” Continue reading

Here’s Your FULL Updated Rio Olympics Medal Count – THECOUNT.COM

Here’s the full updated Olympics medal count midway through Day 2 in Rio

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Australia 3 0 2 5
Italy 2 3 2 7
China 2 2 3 7
South Korea 2 2 1 5
Hungary 2 0 0 2
United States 1 5 1 7
Russia 1 2 2 5
Japan 1 0 6 7
Chinese Taipei 1 0 1 2
Argentina 1 0 0 1
Belgium 1 0 0 1
Kosovo 1 0 0 1
Netherlands 1 0 0 1
Thailand 1 0 0 1
Vietnam 1 0 0 1
Kazakhstan 0 1 1 2
Brazil 0 1 0 1
Denmark 0 1 0 1
Indonesia 0 1 0 1
New Zealand 0 1 0 1
Philippines 0 1 0 1
Sweden 0 1 0 1
Uzbekistan 0 0 2 2
Canada 0 0 1 1
Spain 0 0 1 1
Greece 0 0 1 1
Poland 0 0 1 1

China Bans April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day has been banned in China in an unprecedented crackdown. The tradition of playing practical jokes on your friends, family and coworkers on April 1st has fallen victim to the ban.

China’s Communist Party launched a campaign three years ago to criminalize the spreading of rumors. Xinhua’s post suggests an April Fools’ Day prank that mocked or undermined the Party could have potentially serious consequences.

China Doll school girl - Venus Palermo

“’April Fools’ Day’ is not consistent with our cultural tradition, or socialist core values,” state news agency Xinhua announced on social media Friday. “Hope nobody believes in rumors, makes rumors or spreads rumors.” Continue reading

Bernie Sanders’ Wife Jane Take A Tumble [Video]

Bernie Sanders‘ wife Jane took a nasty fall Saturday after an unknown commotion took place at the conclusion of the candidate’s rally.

Bernie had just finished speaking in Austin, TX., and he and his wife were making their way back to their vehicle when Jane took a tumble. Link to video located below.

jane sanders fallls austin

Only problem is … she was surrounded by security guards blocking her view and ate it on a cable guard that was on the ground. Lucky for Jane … she seemed to be alright and played it off like no big deal.

Continue reading