Lisa Lee Is The New ‘Face Of MyINDY-TV’

Hey guys! Thought I would follow up and let you know the results of that contest I’ve been updating you on for about a month now! Well, I won! The reveal was today on LIVE television on morning show “Indy Style,” and this photo (below) that the crew snapped of me best describes the surreal feeling of hearing my name.

Anyway, I would like to thank each and every one of you who has been with me from the beginning in the search for the “Face of MyINDY-TV.” This month-long journey as 1 of the 5 Face finalists, has been such a neat experience. I’ve enjoyed meeting all of you at the Face ‘challenge’ events, the Indiana State Fair, and on Twitter and Facebook. Believe it or not, I seriously enjoyed meeting and spending time with the other Face finalists too! It has been the friendliest competition I’ve ever been in LOL! Thanks WISH-TV and MyINDY-TV for bringing me on board!
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Jennifer Aniston Accepts Justin Theroux’s Proposal

‘It’ may finally happen again for Jennifer Aniston, who has been dating around ever since she and Brad Pitt divorced back in the 80’s. Just kidding, the divorce was actually in 2005 believe it or not.

The reliable gossip magazine “People,” who messed up the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s ‘moving out’ story, reports that Jennifer Aniston is now engaged, although other reports claimed that Aniston’s relationship was going in the exact opposite direction.
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Photos: Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Cheats In Middle Of The Day!

Bar owner Ben Maisani was said and thought to be Anderson Cooper’s long-term boyfriend, but recent photos that turned up of Maisani, are painting a different picture.

39-year-old Maisani was even rumored to be marrying Cooper in the near future- as soon as Labor Day weekend. But this story from a gossip site claiming that Maisani is cheating may prove infidelity that Cooper needed to see before it was too late.
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