Jodie Foster pulls an Ashley Judd, and writes a one-off blog for The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast, a news blog with talented writers and a budget, is the new nest where celebrities lay their golden rants once a year, and, it’s where they get to look intellectual for a day.


When you read one of these celebrity rants on TDB, it’s more than obvious that the star’s vocabulary is not as extensive as the site makes it seem! Don’t these stars know that these witty rants that they had help writing, make them look silly?

Am I being mean? No, I am just a bit tired of the ‘old’ Hollywood stars who log onto to a computer and get online once a year,  think they can just snap snap snap their fingers and wave their magic wands and voila!

Why does The Daily Beast provide this platform for actors to speak their minds and help them look smart? Money, attention, hits- yes. The Daily Beast has an editor over there who’s replacing the actors’ simple words with elaborate ones, all so the actors can come across as smart and intelligent. In Foster’s blog we found words like begrudgingly, doled, banal, abject… and they all seemed too similar to Judd’s grammatically brilliant blog. Judd’s blog was so much more over-the-top than Foster’s, spliced with unheard of vocabulary that only Merriam Webster himself would know! Is that even a person?! LOL!

Although Jodie Foster and Ashley Judd types may have a few good points, they are overall intrusive to the Internet community. Hollywood stars like them have started to pop up all over the Internet, and well, it gives us bloggers something to talk about, but it’s still crossing that invisible territorial line. (The programming geeks were saying this years ago about all of us! :))

Celebs who participate on TDB, think one day of writing (and getting help) a ranty blog out of the year, opposed to writing every day for a year (ahum!), will make a difference in the world. They think they are that important! The Hollywood machine made these ladies, gave them sparkly names, and that’s why all of us actually take the time to physically turn our necks to take an extra look. My neck hurts…

Foster and Judd fans- go ahead and attack me :) Love you!