Either accused face-eater, Austin Harrouff, is way too excited about the new season 7 of The Walking Dead or he ingested some foul party favors. What other explanation could cause a “good kid” (as his friends and family describe) to unleash an animalistic rage attack on an unsuspecting family he didn’t even know, stab them to death and then proceed to gnaw their face off?

Flakka of course. Flakka aka “bath salts” or “$5 insanity,” “powdered psychosis” and even “total mind melt” is a street drug that is no stranger to Florida.


Austin Harrouff drugs

This is what the Tequesta deputies were wondering when they responded to call earlier this week at a home in Jupiter, FL. When the first officer arrived on scene she found Harroff on top of the man he had just stabbed to death literally biting his face off. Harroff was exhibiting abnormal human strength and resistance to pain.

Austin Harrouff mother

He was tasered, punched, kicked and even bitten by the dog and nothing phased him. One officer described the scene as horrific and noted that it finally took four officers and one canine unit to eventually subdue the suspect. When he was finally taken into custody he was heard making animal and gurgling noises.

The deputies suspected a hallucinogen drug because of the behavior and strength the suspect displayed. Flakka was the first thing that came to mind. Flakka causes users’ body temperatures to quickly rise to 104/105 degrees and this causes them to tear off their clothes due to their core temp elevating. It also shoots a rush of adrenaline pumping through their bodies. This gives them seemingly superhuman strength and a high pain threshold or tolerance.

Austin Harrouff

This was not the first time officers in Florida have had to contain a person on Flakka. In the past a man has tried to have sex with a tree, one beat up an elderly woman and the other ran naked through the streets.

Austin Harrouff face eater

The victims in this recent attack were John Joseph Stevens III, 59, and was pronounced dead in the driveway. His wife, Michelle Karen Mishcon, 53, was found dead in the garage. A neighbor who heard their screams, called 911 and tried to intervene was also stabbed, though he is expected to survive.

The couple enjoyed sitting in their garage together, looking out over the neighborhood and talking. You could see them doing this most nights (a neighbor said) and this is probably what they were doing when the attack occurred.

The garage was splattered with brutality and the couple was stabbed by Harroff’s pocket knife and other tools of opportunity he was able to find in the garage.

As of this morning Harroff’s conditioned has worsened and he is not expected to survive. Harrouff has been charged with one count of aggravated battery, and will be charged with home invasion and two counts of murder, authorities said if he does survive.