Zombie Apocalypse or Foul Flakka? FACE EATING Double Murder Suspect IDENTIFIED

Either accused face-eater, Austin Harrouff, is way too excited about the new season 7 of The Walking Dead or he ingested some foul party favors. What other explanation could cause a “good kid” (as his friends and family describe) to unleash an animalistic rage attack on an unsuspecting family he didn’t even know, stab them to death and then proceed to gnaw their face off?

Flakka of course. Flakka aka “bath salts” or “$5 insanity,” “powdered psychosis” and even “total mind melt” is a street drug that is no stranger to Florida.

Austin Harrouff drugs

This is what the Tequesta deputies were wondering when they responded to call earlier this week at a home in Jupiter, FL. When the first officer arrived on scene she found Harroff on top of the man he had just stabbed to death literally biting his face off. Continue reading

Actress Boards Flight With Knife Tweets TSA Confession

Actress Amanda Seyfried not only accidentally carried a large pocket knife aboard an airplane, she also tweeted the TSA her full confession..The Moet & Chandon Suite at the 2012 US Open - Day 2

During a recent flight, Seyfried accidentally went aboard with her trusty pocket knife completely undetected by TSA. But rather than leaving well enough alone, she took a photo of it and tweeted addressed to the TSA!

Seyfried wrote, “Dear TSA: This Swiss Army knife wasn’t detected through security and I unknowingly carried it on board. Scary!” Continue reading