on February 26, 2016

Producer AraabMuzik Shot In The Head In Harlem

Music producer AraabMuzik was shot in his head, jaw and right arm last night in Harlem. He is expected to survive.

A friend with AraabMuzik, (whose real name is Abraham Orellana,) was shot in the right leg in the incident. Both are recovering in area hospitals.

AraabMuzik Shot In Head In Harlem

Araabmuzik, whose real name is Abraham Orellana, was in the ProPark America parking garage on 125th Street when he and his friend Continue reading

on February 26, 2016

Female CA In-N-Out Employee Shot And Killed Outside Restaurant

A long time female In-N-Out Burger employee was shot dead outside the La Mirada, Ca., restaurant where she had worked for over 20 years.

The fatal shooting of the popular server took place early Friday morning, sheriff’s deputies said.

in and out shooting la mirada 2

The shooting occurred outside the fast food joint in the 14300 block of Firestone Boulevard around 4:45 a.m., according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Continue reading

on February 26, 2016

So Why does Marco Rubio Sweat So Much?

On the heels of the 10th Republican debate, I awoke this morning with one burning question I needed answered badly, why the heck does Marco Rubio sweat so much?

We already know Rubio is known for suffering from dry mouth syndrome, but does that in any way explain his constant and profuse sweating problem? We turned to the internet for the answers.

Why does Marco Rubio Sweating

Q: Why does Marco Rubio sweat so much?
Every few seconds he’s dabbing at his face with a hanky because the sweat is raining down by the gallons, down his face, into his eyes . . . does he get nervous or does he have a perspiration problem?

A: It could be a condition called ‘Hyperhidrosis’. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen when a person is nervous, specifically. Individuals with this unfortunate condition can sweat profusely in a snowstorm much the same way anyone can sweat on a hot summer day. It’s mainly triggered by concentration when there are no other outliers.

They typically sweat while they are sleeping, after showers, and even while sitting in the shade on a cool day. They are their own personal oven since they perilously carry extra body heat, hence the sweating.

It isn’t curable and is unavoidable, and unfortunately, very embarrassing for the sufferer. h/t quora

Why does Marco Rubio Sweat So Much

Well now! That explains everything! Not.

on February 26, 2016

Timbaland Loses 130 Pounds Posts Before And After Photo

After years of dominating the charts, mega-producer Timbaland took some time off to lose 130 pounds.

Timbaland posted a before and after picture showing his dramatic weight loss to Instagram with the following caption:

Timbaland fat

This past eight months I’ve lost over 130 pounds. With a positive mindset I knew I had to take the initiative to make myself happy and healthy. Continue reading

on February 25, 2016

Drudge Report Poll Results ‘Who Won GOP Debate’

Matt Drudge‘s trusty, (and proven accurate,) poll results on who won the 10th Republican Debate are here and the results are nothing short of shocking, not. (We are conducting our own poll on Twitter. Go here to vote now!)

According to the early poll results, no candidate dramatically closed in on the seemingly insurmountable lead of frontrunner, Donald Trump, who has amassed a commanding lead, garnering 66% of the vote.

drudge report poll gop debate

This poll will be updated throughout the night as the number of votes increase. Continue reading

on February 25, 2016

Shooting At Excel Industries Harvey County KS Leaves 20 Shot 2 Dead

A shooting has occurred at Excel Industries, located in Hesston, Harvey County, Kansas. Four people are reportedly dead. Many more are being transported and airlifted to local hospitals. Up to 20 people were said to be injured. The shooter, Cedric Ford, was shot and killed by police.

Authorities said that there were at least four other related crime scenes in the area. Authorities would not say if was related to the Excel shooting.

cedric ford hesston excel ks

A woman witness said a man approached her while she was in her vehicle and motioned for her to exit. Continue reading

on February 25, 2016

Dog The Bounty Hunter Beth Chapman Elected National Bail Bonds President

Beth Chapman, star of bail bond reality TV show and the wife of Duane Chapman, aka “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” was elected National Bail Bonds Association president Wednesday afternoon.

The crowning took place during the 32nd annual bail bond convention at the Luxor Hotel Casino, at the same time a new bill was advanced in Congress to outlaw all bail bondsmen.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Wife Beth Chapman Elected National Bail Bonds President

“It was a narrow victory,” Beth told me Wednesday as she accepted the mantle of president. Continue reading

on February 25, 2016

TV5 Anchor Sam Merrill Collapses At Home Dies

Sam Merrill, beloved anchor and the face of TV5 news for two decades, collapsed in his home and died Thursday. He leaves behind his wife, Katy, and son, James, who was born in April, 2011.

Merrill anchored “Action News This Morning” for WTAE. He returned to mid-Michigan in March of 2002.

Sam Merrill die

It is with a broken heart that TV5 informs you of the death of our own Sam Merrill.

Sam was a mainstay here at TV5. An anchor, a reporter, and a cherished friend to many of us.

He collapsed at home today, and passed away, leaving behind his beloved wife, Katy, and son, James.

Sam first appeared on your screens in 1990. He left for a short time to work in his boyhood home of Pittsburgh but returned in 2002.

Many of you knew him not only during his time on your TV screen, but through the various boards and community groups he was a part of.

Our hearts are heavy here today as we try to understand the loss. But we ask that your thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Once we know the wishes of those closest to him, we will pass them along to you wnem

Sam Merrill dead

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Merrill’s family and friends at this difficult time.

on February 25, 2016

Scary Wall Street Suspicious Wired Device Spotted NYPD Bomb Squad On Scene

A suspicious device, which appears to be wired, was spotted on Wall Street in lower Manhattan Thursday.

The NYPD bomb squad is now on scene. The public has been advised to steer clear of the area.

lower Manhattan bomb squad

“We’re investigating this package,” the precinct tweeted to PIX11 News. “Don’t panic the worlds best Bomb Squad is on the scene.” Continue reading

on February 24, 2016

Youtube Star Sam Pepper: I’m A Fraud, I Faked My Pranks

Youtube star Sam Pepper has released a confession video entitled “i’m sorry,” where he admits many of his wildly popular prank videos were in-fact completely staged.

The popular YouTube prankster, who has over two million subscribers, just admitted that he fabricated his pranks in order to “attain success” and to “keep up with the times.”

Sam Pepper ass pinch video

Pranking, while deemed as childish and absurd, is/was a big business for Sam Pepper, and it’s a difficult business to remain innovative in for the long haul.  Continue reading