Youtube star Sam Pepper has released a confession video entitled “i’m sorry,” where he admits many of his wildly popular prank videos were in-fact completely staged.

The popular YouTube prankster, who has over two million subscribers, just admitted that he fabricated his pranks in order to “attain success” and to “keep up with the times.”


Sam Pepper ass pinch video

Pranking, while deemed as childish and absurd, is/was a big business for Sam Pepper, and it’s a difficult business to remain innovative in for the long haul. “I’m not telling you this for any sympathy or whatever, I’m in this situation because of me, I just want to tell you everything, honestly. I was one of the first prank channels then all these other prank channels started coming out and they’d be doing more and more and more crazy stuff … that’s when I worked out ‘all this stuff is fake, like we believe it all but it’s really fake.’” h/t uproxx

youtube Sam Pepper confession video

After the “I’m sorry” video, Pepper appeared on YouTube show Drama Alert to address his real-life rape allegations.