Thomas Eric Duncan, the man showing signs of the deadly ebola virus on Friday, but was sent home only to return days later, reportedly vomited in a taxi transporting him home from the hospital.

The man returned on Sunday with full-blown ebola symptoms, and was finally admitted and subsequently tested positive for Ebola. It is the first such diagnosis to take place in the U.S.


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Authorities now believe the patient may have exposed others to the deadly virus, however, the taxi ride was not mentioned.

“It is certainly possible someone who had contact with this individual could develop Ebola in the coming weeks,” Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said. But he added, “I have no doubt we will stop this in its tracks in the United States.”

Wednesday, authorities said that others were being observed for indication of Ebola infection.

Unconfirmed. Developing.