Blue Ivy Bad Baby Hair Day

Blue Ivy spotted leaving from a German airport, headed to Amsterdam having a bit of a hair crisis, if a kid that age could actually have such a ivy bad hair

The picture was posted on Instagram and the comments are already off the hook.


asinaxersi People need to shut the f**k up about the child’s hair. She’s Black and that her hair end of story. You brainwashed idiots.
k_atiana Her hair is f**kin fine. If she had dead hair no one wud b sayin it needs to be up/styled. Ya need to stop n realize the only reason we dnt see this hair type (our hair type, for some ) as beautiful is because we were conditioned to believe that.
mzvelly They just need to comb that mutha f**ka! If they wanna leave it out then let it be out but it still needs to be combed *my 2cents for da day* Ha
miss_july85 The hair isn’t necessarily the problem…not putting headbands or bows , clips, something in it is. She’s cute though