Tom Brady Hair Plugs?

Tom Brady sporting a hairdo that begs the question, is the NFL star undergoing hair replacement procedures?

Tom Brady Hair Plugs 2

He’s used to his hair being all over the place when he takes off his helmet while playing American football.

But Tom Brady was seen sporting a particularly unusual hairstyle as he stepped out alongside his wife Gisele Bundchen at the pre Met Ball bash in New York on Saturday.

The 36-year-old sportsman – who plies his trade with the New England Patriots – was seen with a blonde streak in his styled locks as he stood alongside the Brazilian model.

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Harry Styles Applies Bird Poop To Control Acne

Twistmagazine is reporting, 1D’s Harry Styles keeps his acne in check with a little help from bird poop facials..

harry styles one direction amazing disappearing acne gif


“Harry’s been having a bird poo facial every day in the run-up to the tour,” a One Direction insider told the Daily Star. “He doesn’t want to be as spotty as he has been in the past.” What?!

“He’s really struggled with his skin over the years,” the source explained. “So far he’s happy with the results.” This can’t possibly be true… right? We can’t imagine Harry’s skincare routine being so icky! Continue reading

Need To End Your Channing Tatum Obsession? Look No Further!

Creepy, unattractive, pointy, and so many other adjectives to describe this new look for Channing Tatum! And none of them are good! For those of you who thought the Magic Mike actor could do no wrong, today is Judgment Day. The shiny blue jacket, the bleached blonde hair and that goatee? NO-TEE! AND THOSE SPOCK EARS! SIMPLY FRIGHTENING!
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Demi Lovato GOES BLONDE Fails To Have More Fun

Demi Lovato is getting known for having thunder thighs, but that has absolutely nothing to do with her brand-new blonde hair. So long is the new color I guess Dimi wasn’t happy with the fullness of her hair so she got a bunch of cheesy extensions clipped in underneath.

Hey the girl’s a fairly good singer and she’s built like a Mack truck.

She now has my mother’s haircut and her thighs.. However my mom does not have a tattoo on her foot.. Thank god.