R.I.P. BETTY WHITE? Not So Fast Internet

RELAX! It’s only a rumor/ hoax that Betty White died! Fans were freaking out after an article emerged saying the acting icon had passed away.

Some bought into it, as a “RIP Betty White” Facebook page has already gained more than a million likes.

Kevin Mazur/TCA 2010

The headline that started the rumor was, “Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angles Home.” It introduced a satirical article about White not being a natural blonde and dying her own hair in her home. The article even contained a fake quote from her manager saying, “Betty has often told me she feels it is relaxing and soothing to dye her own hair, peacefully in her home, where she can laugh and enjoy time with her animals.

She’s said on more than one occasion that as a blonde, she has had ‘more fun’ in her roles, and in life.”

Richard Simmons HIGH AS A KITE? In Super AWKWARD Kimmel Appearance

Richard Simmons appearing on Jimmy Kimmel in one of the most uncomfortable entrances in television history. Simmons, who turned 65 back in July, started off by ditching his signature satin short shorts in lieu of a glitzy pantsuit and then he proceeded to hump everything, (including inanimate objects,) within a Hollywood mile, on his way to the guest chair. Saying that Simmons’ was ‘flying high’ would be a huge understatement.

Bill Hader was the first victim, getting an odd lap dance from Simmons who also sucked his own thumb.

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Need To End Your Channing Tatum Obsession? Look No Further!

Creepy, unattractive, pointy, and so many other adjectives to describe this new look for Channing Tatum! And none of them are good! For those of you who thought the Magic Mike actor could do no wrong, today is Judgment Day. The shiny blue jacket, the bleached blonde hair and that goatee? NO-TEE! AND THOSE SPOCK EARS! SIMPLY FRIGHTENING!
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Demi Lovato GOES BLONDE Fails To Have More Fun

Demi Lovato is getting known for having thunder thighs, but that has absolutely nothing to do with her brand-new blonde hair. So long is the new color I guess Dimi wasn’t happy with the fullness of her hair so she got a bunch of cheesy extensions clipped in underneath.

Hey the girl’s a fairly good singer and she’s built like a Mack truck.

She now has my mother’s haircut and her thighs.. However my mom does not have a tattoo on her foot.. Thank god.