Demi Lovato GOES BLONDE Fails To Have More Fun

Demi Lovato is getting known for having thunder thighs, but that has absolutely nothing to do with her brand-new blonde hair. So long is the new color I guess Dimi wasn’t happy with the fullness of her hair so she got a bunch of cheesy extensions clipped in underneath.

Hey the girl’s a fairly good singer and she’s built like a Mack truck.

She now has my mother’s haircut and her thighs.. However my mom does not have a tattoo on her foot.. Thank god.


Luck Of The Devil: Jesse James Marries Paul Mitchell Heir

I WAS having a good day, that is until I hear douche Jesse James Married Alexi DeJoria, the daughter of one of the co-founders of the Paul Mitchell hair care empire… Is my Sandy pride showing? Anyway, boo. The couple reportedly wed in an intimate ceremony at the John Paul estate in Hawaii.


Good luck heathens, I have a date with Speed 2…
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Jennifer Aniston New Aveeno Skin Care Line: Pricey NYC Dermatologist ‘Not Included’

Sources say, Jennifer Aniston employs at least a dozen people to tend only to her skin, were talking, doctors, dermatologists, masseurs, masseuses, makeup artists, etc. Can you believe it? all those enlisted to make Aniston’s face and skin camera ready — have been shrunken — and placed in a bottle. You buying?


Aniston just inked a huge 8 figure deal with skincare giants Aveeno to bring you her entire skin care staff — in a bottle…

NYPOST: Jennifer Aniston has been offered an eight-figure deal to become the next face of Aveeno, a brand that sells natural-based skin- and hair-care products. A source told us, “Jennifer would be great for the brand because she appears to be very natural. The deal, still being negotiated, would be worth a lot of money, certainly eight figures.” Aveeno’s current TV face is dark-haired, Dutch-born model-actress Daniella van Graas. Reps for Aniston and Aveeno didn’t get back to us.

Aveeno reps commented but failed to explain how the over-the-counter products could possibly measure up to an entire staff dedicated to Jennifer’s skin,

“Jennifer’s holistic approach to life and natural beauty are a perfect match for Aveeno skincare. We are pleased to welcome Jennifer to the Aveeno family.”

Aniston also dodged the question,

“I’m very particular about what I put on my face and body, and have been using Aveeno for years. So this partnership is a natural fit for me.”

Looks like Jennifer’s made the transition from respected actor to snake oil salesman.