Female DNA found on a bomb fragment connected to the Boston terror attacks.. But the question still remains, exactly who’s DNA is it? The wife or the weirdo mom?

Katherine Russell 3


Investigators are strongly indicating that the woman’s DNA found on a fragment of one of the pressure cookers used in the Boston bombings could indeed be related to the bombers. The other thing I figured was that the FBI may be trying to flush these ladies out.. Be that as it may, it should be rather interesting to hear the eventual results.

One of the sources noted Monday that the DNA on the bomb component could have come from any woman who touched any of the items used to make the bomb. The FBI did take DNA samples at the Rhode Island family home of Tsarnaev’s widow, Katherine Russell, on Monday in an effort to see if the genetic material belonged to Russell or the couple’s 3-year-old daughter. But one of the officials said that even if Russell’s DNA matches that from the bomb fragment, it doesn’t necessarily mean she participated in the bomb’s construction. CNN.