Hey kiddies! Where do you want to go today? We want to go and see where Jodi Arias murder her boyfriend! Really? Well I guess you have got to give the people what they want! And people visiting Arizona want to visit the infamous Travis Alexander death house.. Tour companies in AZ have Alexander‘s house on the “must see” list of Arizona tourist attractions! *CAUTION* Bloody crime scene photos below.

So keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times and let’s go for a ride! “On your right is the house we’re Jodi Arias killed her boyfriend,” the tour guide might say.



And just over there on your left is where they found most of young Travis’ blood!

And if you skip right over here, you’ll see the sink were Jodi futilely tried to cover her tracks!

And then finally, if you take a peek right over here, you’ll gander the shower where Mr. Alexander’s lifeless body was located..

And that folks, concludes our tour.. Don’t forget to tip your tour guide..