Thanks in part to Lakers center Andrew Bynum, the season’s sad postscript just got longer…five days longer to be exact.


The league suspended the 23-year-old for the first fivegames of the season and fined him $25,000 for his flagrant foul against Dallas guard J.J. Barea. Combined, the fine and suspension will cost him $702,272.

After the game, Bynum blamed his actions on the frustration of the Lakers humiliating 36-point loss on Sunday. However, on Tuesday, he was quick to change his tune. “”My actions … don’t represent me, my upbringing, this franchise or any of the Laker fans out there that want to watch us and want us to succeed,” Bynum said.

The mid-air foul which looked more WWE (google Rey Mysterio matches) than NBA and wasn’t the first involving Bynum. In March, he received a two game suspension for a similar foul on Minnesota’s Michael Beasley.

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