Jeff Hardy Piledrives WrestleMania 34 Return After Former WWE Champ Arrested DWI

Former WWE champion Jeff Hardy was arrested on Saturday evening for DWI in Concord, North Carolina, is reporting.

Hardy, 40-years old, was arrested at 10:20 PM at 4545 Concord Pkwy South, according to the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office. He was released a little over an hour later at 11:24 PM. No details have been released yet on the circumstances leading to the arrest.

Hardy has also been hit with a 30 day pretrial revocation of his driver’s licence, which means that currently, he cannot legally drive. That is a normal procedure in the State following an arrest of that nature. He is slated to appear in Cabarrus County Court on 4/16 in regard to his arrest. Continue reading

WWE Richard Swann Arrested After Forcing FL Dancer Into Vehicle

WWE wrestler, Richard Swann, was arrested in Gainesville, Florida, late Saturday after he allegedly battered and falsely imprisoned a woman, police said.

Swann, 26, reportedly visited a Gainesville nightspot and departed with the club’s featured dancer. At some point during the ride, the female became agitated when Swann began critiquing her performance, according to the arrest report.

A witness told police Swann didn’t put the vehicle in park and it continued moving until it slammed into a telephone pole, according to the report. Swann allegedly grabbed the woman by her arm, put his arm around her neck and put her in a headlock before dragging her back to the vehicle, police said. Another witness told police the woman was banging on the window and screaming for help as Swann drove away, the report said. Continue reading

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Responds To Conor McGregor WWE Comments

Loser, Conor McGregor, said all WWE stars are “expletive,” (a word to whom cats are also referred,) during his UFC 202 conference call – and now, winner, Ric Flair, has responded.

McGregor’s comments as they appeared on twitter:

Ric Flair makeup

“For the most part, those WWE guys are p***ies, to be honest. They’re messed up p***ies, if you ask me.” – McGregor

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What’s Going On With Pop TV TNA Impact Wrestling Telecast?

For those of you trying to watch Impact Wrestling on Pop TV, you may have noticed 3 commercials are airing over and over again instead of the broadcast..

TNA issued the following statement:

pop tv impact Wrestling

We apologize for the issue with @PopTV. The issue is with master control and they are working to correct it. Please stay with us

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Balls Mahoney Extreme Championship Wrestling Star Dead At 44

Extreme Championship Wrestling, Jonathan Rechner, aka, Balls Mahoney, has died. He was 44.

The WWE confirmed the sad news of Rechner’s passing on Twitter. At this time the cause of death remains undetermined.

Jonathan Rechner, aka, Balls Mahoney

Mahoney, who was born in New Jersey, was one of the  Originals, and is well known for his appearances in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Continue reading

WWE Honcho Vince McMahon Arrested During Monday Night Raw?

Was WWE boss Vince McMahon really arrested during last night’s Monday Night Raw telecast? If you’re asking the same question, you’re not alone as the NYPD fielded hundreds of call from curious wrestling fans.

McMahon appeared to be taken into custody Monday night after a heated exchange at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. He was lead from the building by a team of law enforcement officers, or at least they looked like cops.

vince mcmahon mugshot

Cops began fielding calls after some really bad acting, where Vince stepped in to protect his daughter from some rent-a-cops. Continue reading

Anonymous To FBI: ISIS Is Planning Attack Against WWE Event Sunday

The hacker group Anonymous urgently contacted the FBI telling informing them that they had uncovered information about an ISIS‘ plan to attack a WWE event in Atlanta on Sunday.

FBI officials say they are taking the threat very seriously. An Anonymous report claims they uncovered the ISIS threat and passed on the information to federal authorities.


“Anonymous also said the Islamic State group is planning an assault at the WWE Survivor Series event scheduled to take place in the Philips Arena in Atlanta Sunday at 7.30 p.m. EST, Continue reading

Did Hulk Hogan Really Commit Suicide?

Despite a blog reporting that pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan had committed suicide in September 2015, the WWE star is very much alive.

The article read that Hogan had committed suicide, leaving many wrestling fans worldwide dismayed. Hogan had been recently accused of being a racist after tapes leaked of him using the “n-word.”

donald trump hulk hogan running mate

On 4 September 2015, the website Gummy Post published an article reporting that pro wrestler Hulk Hogan had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound: Continue reading

WWE Legend Sting Suffers Serious Neck Injury During Match

While performing in the WWE world heavyweight title Night of Champions match against champion Seth Rollins, wrestling legend, Sting reportedly suffered a “significant” neck injury Sunday night.

The injury appeared to occurred after Sting, 56, was slammed hard into the turnbuckle. He then collapsed on the mat reeling in pain. It was obvious the match went “off script,” as trainers and the doctor entered the ring.

Seth Rollins Sting neck injury

Ever the consummate professional , Sting finished the match in his abbreviated loss to Rollins. Continue reading