Gun Control Spokesman NBA Star Dwyane Wade COUSIN Shot Dead

Tragedy has struck the family of NBA star, Dwyane Wade, after his 32-year-old cousin, Nykea Aldridge, was killed in the South Side area of Chicago. Friday afternoon Aldridge was caught in the crossfire of a shootout between at least three gunmen. She was reportedly pushing a baby stroller when she was shot and killed. Police say, a person of interest was taken into custody.

Wade, along with fellow NBA elite players, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James, have all been outspoken proponents for gun control legislation. The baller delivered the Democratic message at the ESPYs earlier this summer calling for stricter gun control legislation.

Nykea Aldridge cousin wade

Now, that same violence he’s been decrying has struck his own family. According to, Wade’s 32-year-old cousin, Nykea Aldridge, was killed in the South Side area of Chicago on Friday afternoon as she was caught in the crossfire of a shootout between at least three gunmen. Continue reading

‘Many’ Injured In Amtrak 5 Car Derailment In Kansas

Five Amtrak train cars have derailed while traveling in Kansas, early Monday. As many as five cars could be seen on their side. The accident has resulted in multiple injuries, the state Highway Patrol says. The exact number of victims or their condition has not yet been determined.

In a statement, Amtrak said:


“Just after midnight CT, Amtrak Train 4, the Southwest Chief operating from Los Angeles to Chicago, derailed some cars approximately 20 miles west of Dodge City, Kan., on BNSF track Continue reading

Bryant Bobblehead Leaves Fans Confused: That’s NOT Kobe!

The Kobe Bryant bobblehead presented to fans on Tuesday has one little, tiny issue, it looks nothing like him!

Bryant’s #1 SGA bobblehead (in a series of three,) was instantly panned by Los Angeles Lakers fans over its uncanny resemblance to the NBA superstar, not!

kobe bryant bobblehead

The bogus bobblehead is loosely, very loosely based on a famous photo of Kobe holding up his #8 jersey the day he was announced to the team. Continue reading

Cleveland Cavaliers SHAMEFUL Promo Video Promotes Domestic Violence

The Cleveland Cavaliers played the following creepy video on the Jumbotron depicting a man brutalizing his girlfriend after discovering she is a Chicago Bulls fan.

In the shocking video, the man pummels the woman to the ground after learning she is rooting for a rival team.

Cleveland Cavaliers Video Domestic Violence  4

It gets worse … the man justifies the beating by saying, “Bulls fan? I didn’t know you were a Bulls fan!” At the end of the video, the woman resurfaces with an ice pack on her head … and wearing a Cleveland shirt. Continue reading


This all looks a bit STAGED! But anyways… Midway through the third quarter of Game Five of the Heat/Bulls series last night, the Bulls had built a 9-point lead and seemed poised to push the series back to Chicago for a Game 6. As the TNT broadcast returned from a commercial break, the cameras focused in on superstars Will Smith and his son Jaden, who were sitting courtside. As Marv Albert introduced them, immediately behind them was visible a blazer that seemed to be made from a bag of tropical Skittles. source.


Yvette Prieto Becomes Mrs Michael Jordan

Now we might all want to be Like Mike for a at least one good reason. Introducing a new reason, Michael Jordan and his new wife, Cuban model Yvette Prieto.

The love birds wed on Christmas night.

A few years ago the couple purchased a house in the Highlands at Kendall gated community near Miami.

Jordan was divorced from his former wife of 17 years in 2006.

NBA Lockout Ending Soon, Players and Owners Reach Deal

NBA owners and players reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal that would end the lockout, and would have the teams playing by Dec. 25.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said, “We’ve reached a tentative understanding… We’re optimistic that it will hold and we’ll have ourselves an NBA season.” They will get a full 66-game season if the deal goes.

NY Daily News said that before the lockout is over, owners and players must vote to approve the deal to finalize the agreement. Players will have to reform the union and then ratify the deal to make it official.

Lakers Bynum apologizes then gets suspended


Thanks in part to Lakers center Andrew Bynum, the season’s sad postscript just got longer…five days longer to be exact.

The league suspended the 23-year-old for the first fivegames of the season and fined him $25,000 for his flagrant foul against Dallas guard J.J. Barea. Combined, the fine and suspension will cost him $702,272.

After the game, Bynum blamed his actions on the frustration of the Lakers humiliating 36-point loss on Sunday. However, on Tuesday, he was quick to change his tune. “”My actions … don’t represent me, my upbringing, this franchise or any of the Laker fans out there that want to watch us and want us to succeed,” Bynum said.

The mid-air foul which looked more WWE (google Rey Mysterio matches) than NBA and wasn’t the first involving Bynum. In March, he received a two game suspension for a similar foul on Minnesota’s Michael Beasley.

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