It’s the day of the Lady Gaga concert and you wanted to attend but in the words of Charlie Sheen, you failed to “plan better” by not buying your tickets sooner.

If you’re in the Duluth, Ga area your lament may-be-for-not as tickets are still available for Gaga’s concert and not just any tickets, coveted general admission tickets are still showing as available on the website, on the night of the show, which begs the question, where are Gaga’s “Little Monsters?” After all, the general admission area is where you want to see gobs of your real fans that showed up early just to stand the entire show and root-you-on.


If you thought you missed the boat to see Lady Gaga, it has not sailed yet! Just get your wallet and knock $100.00 out for your standing only ticket and go get your little monster on!