Two and a Half Men crew members had recently spoken up about how upset they were that Charlie Sheen was going to put the crew members out of work while he would do rehab. Charlie Sheen heard their cries, and said he is ‘partially’ going to financially take care of the Two and a Half Men crew while he is doing rehab.

Sheen not only listened to the upset co-workers, but he also listened to some of his friends (now we know he has some ‘friends’ since they’ve convinced him to commit to rehab!) and he’s doing rehab, and he’s making sure his co-workers get some pay- but not all of it…


Sheen agreed to pay his co-workers 1/3 of the paychecks they will be missing because of his rehab hiatus. Warner Bros. TV and network CBS would cover the rest- a third each.

Deadline Hollywood claims that Sheen’s offer to pay the crew may not need to happen. They said “if Sheen returns to work later this month [Feb. 2011] and as early as next week as some reports suggest, the studio will most likely be able to make up for most of the lost time and the crew would get paid as originally planned.” They added, “No re-start date for Men has been set yet as WBTV and CBS are waiting for for an indication that Sheen is well enough to resume work.”

That is very sweet and thoughtful of Sheen! You can’t be mad at him now!