Angus T. Jones Career Demolition Complete, Replaced By Female

Two And A Half Men producers have officially cut ties, as in, fired Angus T. Jones.. And the dumb kid didn’t even see it coming.. Reports says he is being replaced by a 20-something female..

Miley Cyrus - Two and a Half Men-06

Angus famously came out as a Jesus freak slamming his own huge paying job in YouTube videos.

The woman is to play Charlie (Sheen) Harper’s long lost daughter.

Way to go Angus! We’ll see if Jesus takes the bills! He might!

Demi Moore Demanding Spousal Support


Finally, Demi Moore, 51, has officially filed divorce papers from Ashton Kutcher, 35. It only took 16 months since they’ve been separated from their six year marriage. Kutcher filed papers 3 months before but unlike her estranged husband, she is asking for spousal support. REALLY?! Demi Moore’s estimated net worth is $150 million dollars!!! She needs spousal support?! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


According to Moore, she was sick of Kutcher “stalling” so she decided to take matters into her own hands and file papers herself. She really wanted to settle out of court but Kutcher was being soooo unreasonable and difficult. Ooh really?!

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American Idol Ratings Free Fall: ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’ Win Night

Ouch! Fox’s American Idol out watched by CBS! And by Comedy no less! Yes! Why am I cheering? I will always take a scripted show over reality TV… But I’m not really sure that’s the only reason, maybe I’m just not the biggest Nicki Minaj fan… Could this be the real reason me and millions of other people can barely stand to watch the singing competition this season?

American Idol

It looks like Thursday’s “American Idol” ratings were even worse than Wednesday’s. The show fell from a 4.3 to an alarming 3.6. Sound the alarms! CBS’s comedy block beat “Idol” on Thursday. “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” together took the 8-9pm time slot handily. Source.

Meet The Woman Responsible For Soon Making Charlie Sheen A Grandfather

Charlie Sheen’s 28-year-old daughter, Cassondra Estevez, is on her way to making Charlie a grandfather…


E! The Anger Management star spilled the beans that he’s going to be a grandfather, revealing that his 28-year-old daughter, Cassandra Estevez, is pregnant.

Charlie announced the news appearing on David Letterman,

“You are going to be, in the next several months… fill in the blanks,” Letterman teased. “You are going to be a…”

“Grandfather,” replied the smiling star, who also candidly admitted that while “it’s fabulous,” being a grandpa is also “not a title I’m ready to adopt.”

Well, bonus points for honesty there, Charlie.

For your enjoyment, I think, here are some more pictures of the blushing pregnant bride.




Did Charlie Sheen And L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Do Women In Mexico?

UPDATE: Turns out the hon. mayor may have actually been spending some time not only with Charlie Sheen but also with some Mexican hookers… This according to Sheen’s extended interview to be released soon. Why else would the mayor have lied about spending three minutes with Charlie Sheen when it has been revealed, he spent over three hours partying with the actor. Present were numerous Mexican hookers… You have got to love Charlie for his honesty… Developing…

Though he’s not known as the world’s most honest fellow, things are about to get a lot worse for L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa after bad boy Charlie Sheen, of all people, has called him out as a complete liar!

o CHARLIE SHEEN ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA 570 Did Charlie Sheen And L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Do Hookers In Mexico?

We posted these pictures of the mayor and Sheen partying in Cabo San Lucas , in what the mayor later claimed was only three short minutes spent with the actor, but Charlie tells a complete different story of at least three hours, drinks and wild chicks!

TMZ: Charlie Sheen is calling out L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa … claiming he was flat-out LYING when he said he spent ONLY 3 minutes with the actor in Cabo — Charlie says the Mayor hung with him for hours, chatting it up and drinking with a bunch of hot chicks.

Mayor Villaraigosa told NBC 4 L.A. … his encounter with Charlie was no big deal, saying, “I had a three-minute conversation and took a picture with him, that simple…. I take a picture virtually every single day, 50 times.”

But Charlie says the Mayor is shoveling BS.  Charlie tells TMZ … the picture was actually shot in Charlie’s hotel suite at Hotel El Ganzo, where Charlie had just opened his bar, Sheenz earlier in the evening.

What’s more, Charlie says the Mayor hung out in the suite for WAY more than 3 minutes.  Charlie says, “I memorize 95 pages a week, so the last thing that I am is memory challenged.  We hung out for the better part of 2 hours, discussing his L.A. roots, his poignant bullet campaign as well as his 3 AM lawn-watering tactics.”

Charlie continues, “He’s a terrific guy, a great Mayor and he can drink with the best of ‘em: Me.  Quite a memorable night indeed.”

Come on Mayor, get your story straight, are you going to raise taxes or not? I mean, are you going to pass that joint or not? I mean, did you hang out with Charlie Sheen or not?

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Jake Speaks

Angus T. Jones, a.k.a. Jake from Two and a Half Men, has just issued a statement:

“I have been the subject of much discussion, speculation and commentary over the past 24 hours.

While I cannot address everything that has been said or right every misstatement or misunderstanding, there is one thing I want to make clear. Without qualification, I am grateful to and have the highest regard and respect for all of the wonderful people on Two and Half Men with whom I have worked and over the past ten years who have become an extension of my family.

Chuck Lorre, Peter Roth and many others at Warner Bros. and CBS are responsible for what has been one of the most significant experiences in my life to date. I thank them for the opportunity they have given and continue to give me and the help and guidance I have and expect to continue to receive from them.

I also want all of the crew and cast on our show to know how much I personally care for them and appreciate their support, guidance and love over the years. I grew up around them and know that the time they spent with me was in many instances more than with their own families. I learned life lessons from so many of them and will never forget how much positive impact they have had on my life.

I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed. I never intended that.”

Jake From ‘Two And A Half Men’ BORN AGAIN! Commits Career Suicide

I’ve noticed that Jake, the kid from Two and Half Men, is turning into a whole man, but what I didn’t see coming was him turning into a Jesus freak who wants you to stop watching the show!

“If you’re still watching Two and a Half Men, stop watching.” says Angus T. Jones in the newly released video, “I’m on Two and a Half Men, but I don’t want to be on it.”

It seems young Angus has made the decision to completely disown the very show that made him a star! And he’s doing it in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! What would Charlie Sheen have to say about all of this? A.k.a. the devil himself.


“Please stop filling your head full of filth, please.” Wow it’s nice to hear him refer to the show in such a fond manner! Not! Then he goes on to disrespect TV in general! “Do some research on the effects of television and your brain.”

I think that you Sir should do some research on the effects of guys that come out and disrespect everything they’ve based their entire careers on, up into this point! It’s called “career suicide…”

Charlie Sheen Ex Brooke Mueller Busted for Dealing Coc

Charlie Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller was arrested last night, at a nightclub in Aspen, Colorado.

Step right up folks! Getchyur eight ball right here!

According to Aspen Times, she was charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault, and felony possession of cocaine, with intent to distribute.

Mueller posted an $11,000 bond and was released.

Mueller was ordered to appear in court on Dec. 19 Another season on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab???