UPDATE: Turns out the hon. mayor may have actually been spending some time not only with Charlie Sheen but also with some Mexican hookers… This according to Sheen’s extended interview to be released soon. Why else would the mayor have lied about spending three minutes with Charlie Sheen when it has been revealed, he spent over three hours partying with the actor. Present were numerous Mexican hookers… You have got to love Charlie for his honesty… Developing…

Though he’s not known as the world’s most honest fellow, things are about to get a lot worse for L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa after bad boy Charlie Sheen, of all people, has called him out as a complete liar!


o CHARLIE SHEEN ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA 570 Did Charlie Sheen And L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Do Hookers In Mexico?

We posted these pictures of the mayor and Sheen partying in Cabo San Lucas , in what the mayor later claimed was only three short minutes spent with the actor, but Charlie tells a complete different story of at least three hours, drinks and wild chicks!

TMZ: Charlie Sheen is calling out L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa … claiming he was flat-out LYING when he said he spent ONLY 3 minutes with the actor in Cabo — Charlie says the Mayor hung with him for hours, chatting it up and drinking with a bunch of hot chicks.

Mayor Villaraigosa told NBC 4 L.A. … his encounter with Charlie was no big deal, saying, “I had a three-minute conversation and took a picture with him, that simple…. I take a picture virtually every single day, 50 times.”

But Charlie says the Mayor is shoveling BS.  Charlie tells TMZ … the picture was actually shot in Charlie’s hotel suite at Hotel El Ganzo, where Charlie had just opened his bar, Sheenz earlier in the evening.

What’s more, Charlie says the Mayor hung out in the suite for WAY more than 3 minutes.  Charlie says, “I memorize 95 pages a week, so the last thing that I am is memory challenged.  We hung out for the better part of 2 hours, discussing his L.A. roots, his poignant bullet campaign as well as his 3 AM lawn-watering tactics.”

Charlie continues, “He’s a terrific guy, a great Mayor and he can drink with the best of ‘em: Me.  Quite a memorable night indeed.”

Come on Mayor, get your story straight, are you going to raise taxes or not? I mean, are you going to pass that joint or not? I mean, did you hang out with Charlie Sheen or not?

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