10 Former Charlie Sheen Lovers Lawyer Up

At least six women who are former Charlie Sheen lovers have hired lawyers to kick off their plan to sue the star. The women’s charges include, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, sexual battery. More women are said to be on the way.

A prominent Los Angeles lawyer familiar with the situation said, 10 women have contacted him who were formerly associated with Sheen.


A source directly connected with Sheen says in the last 2 years, Sheen has had at least 200 partners Continue reading

16 Celebs Who Changed Their Names In The Name Of Fame

An actor’s job is to portray real and sometimes fictitious people, but sometimes those same actors portray fictitious people in their own lives..

We’ve all wanted to change our own names from time to time, but some celebrities have changed their names in the name of fame.. In other words, their god given names kinda stink.

Jonathan Stuart LeibowitzJon Stewart
aka Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz Continue reading

Angus T. Jones Career Demolition Complete, Replaced By Female

Two And A Half Men producers have officially cut ties, as in, fired Angus T. Jones.. And the dumb kid didn’t even see it coming.. Reports says he is being replaced by a 20-something female..

Miley Cyrus - Two and a Half Men-06

Angus famously came out as a Jesus freak slamming his own huge paying job in YouTube videos.

The woman is to play Charlie (Sheen) Harper’s long lost daughter.

Way to go Angus! We’ll see if Jesus takes the bills! He might!

SCARY SKINNY Starring Denise Richards

To be honest, I think Denise Richards looks a little scary in these pictures, scary skinny I should say. I know her publicist, and she is running damage control right now, but I’m here to tell you – Richards just doesn’t look right in the face.. Now we all know the actress was married to Charlie Sheen and I usually figure guilty via association. Talk about frail! Richards looks like she’ll blow over at the next light breeze.. So just my usual warning to all the starlets out there to watch what you eat and more importantly watch what you sniff..


Lindsay Lohan Drinks Herself Under The Table LITERALLY! (Photo)

Kind of funny and sad to see Lindsay Lohan so drunk in Brazil that she literally hid under the table. I am confident that is where the saying came from, “drink you under the table.”0329-lilo-twitter-4 (1)

LiLo went down on the dirty club floor after hours of drinking shortly after her arrival to Brazil. A Brazilian website said got super drunk and when some fans asked Lindsay for some photos she refused and hid under the table

Yeah, she’s that far gone…

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