16 Celebs Who Changed Their Names In The Name Of Fame

An actor’s job is to portray real and sometimes fictitious people, but sometimes those same actors portray fictitious people in their own lives..

We’ve all wanted to change our own names from time to time, but some celebrities have changed their names in the name of fame.. In other words, their god given names kinda stink.

Jonathan Stuart LeibowitzJon Stewart
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Why Did Lorde Fake Being Engaged? Today Of All Days?

A lot of us have suffered with acne so we know it’s nothing to joke about or otherwise make light of, however, having said that.. Lorde stepped out today wearing a ring on her engagement finger and all while having a bad skin day.. She already knows by now that the press is looking for any tidbit of a morsel of a crumb to report on her. So? Maybe the real question is, did Taylor Swift (and her recent meathooks,) put the Royals singer up to this mess? Is Lorde good at giving herself bad advice? Maybe she’s really this natural of a natural? Lorde denied being engaged.


In other ill-timed Lorde news, the singer also picked today to announce her new makeup line.. And not just any makeup, MAC. Continue reading

Taylor Swift LORDE Budding Friendship

Taylor Swift is one smart cookie who knows how to get what she wants.. Case in point, below we see a carefully orchestrated press event that was no doubt unbenounced to greenhorn Lorde.


Here’s what went down, and we should know, we got the memo.. Taylor invited Lorde over to her beach house and soon asked if she would like to take a walk on the beach, but what the Red singer didn’t tell Lorde was “someone” had already notified the press that “Taylor and Lorde might be on the beach,” crafty Swift, but in no way original. Continue reading

Is Singer Lorde Normal?

Lorde posted this compellingly normal selfie photo on her Instagram last night making it clear, again, that she is just a normal girl — Lorde repeats, a normal girl.
lorde acne cream

Harkening back to the singer’s “Royals” performance at the Grammys, and the word “normal,” may never come up. But forget about all that, she’s normal girl wearing acne cream with one of the biggest hit songs in recent history and beyond. Sure, normal. Continue reading


Lorde lounging next to her boyfriend James Lowe in a photo posted on Instagram.
lorde boyfriend

The multiple Grammy winner and her beau are casually dressed as they sit close together on a couch. The “Royals” crooner is beaming as she smiles lovingly at her main man. A source tells E! News exclusively that the 17-year-old singing sensation and the 24-year-old photographer are “a really cute couple” and “really pleasant together.”

The source adds that the couple met through mutual friends.

LORDE SLAMS Press Over Showing Up To Cover Her Arrival Home

World music sensation Lorde arrived back to her home native country of New Zealand to throngs of clamoring press, and you would think that would be exactly what a 17-year-old teenage pop sensation was looking for, BUT NOOOoo..

In the case of the always off-center “Royals” singer, she took to Twitter to promptly complain what she calls — The frightening price of fame.


The 17-year-old, who this week won Grammys for song of the year and best solo pop performance with her chart-topping “Royals”, said she was saddened at the reception she received after touching down at Auckland airport.

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