Corporate media outlets were all so sure that Egypt’s President Mubarak was going to step down as Egypt’s leader today, but to our surprise and the media’s, he said in a televised statement tonight that he will not be stepping down! The shoes came off fast and the people went ballistic!The world was hit over the head with a big shoe in surprise and shock that Mubarak is going to stay Egypt’s leader. Cairo, Egypt remains to be the central meeting spot for protests and media attention, and, the people are sure enough already planning a super march and protest now that Mubarak stated tonight that he is not leaving office.

Aside from that, we noticed that Mubarak has definitely missed quite a few meals since his last speech when he said he wasn’t going to run in the next election. His face is thinner, mostly around his chin and neck area. He is obviously under a lot of stress being Mr. Hated as of late, and he’s been skipping some of those big meals he once enjoyed.


Look at Mubarak on February 1, and look at him just 10 days later- Feb. 10, since he’s been under constant stress. Wow!

mubarekfatthin Photo: Mubarek Staggering Weight Loss!