Shaq’s new reality show pits the basketball superman against other sports greats in what will easily prove to be a fun watch. Michael Phelps, the pot smoking, smoking fast, Olympic superstar, will be the Shaq’s first opponent, but not on the basketball court, in the pool.

Although “Shaq Vs.” surely is a “Wouldn’t miss it for the world reality romp,” it’s not hard for me to prognosticate a winner, that is IF it ends up being a straight-up swim-off.


Even suspended in water, Shaq, at 300 pounds and over 7 feet tall, would be a brick and in a contest with the swimming swan Phelps, it would be a blood bath, however, if some shenanigans are implemented to hinder Phelps, like, Phelps must swim with 3 supermodels on his back to make up for the weight difference, then anything is possible.