What the heck is going on here?

Just Jared has posted some more pictures of new friends Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan hanging out together in the Hamptons. Apparently, Michael is family friends with Jon’s new lady love, Kate Major, and offered the couple residency at his estate. Looks like they’re getting along famously. In fact, Lindsay’s dad gave his two cents on the the future of TLC’S stars, saying Jon wants to remain friends with his soon-to-be ex, Kate Gosselin.


“They had eight kids and he would like to work things out the right way and just be friends,” Michael told People magazine. As long as Jon doesn’t take any relationship advice from Michael, I think he’ll be fine.

This might be the weirdest celebrity friendship in history. I really hope something memorable comes from this pairing, like a television show or ill-fated album.