LEAKED DOCS: Serena Williams Tested POSITIVE For Banned Substances Allowed To Play

A Russian hacking group that is claiming to have accessed the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) database, is now alleging that tennis superstars, Serena and Venus Williams, as well as four-time Rio Olympics gold medallist gymnast, Simone Biles, were allowed to consume banned substances.

The hacking site, Fancy Bears, leaked dozens of files allegedly relating to United States athletes on the internet. WADA confirmed the hack in a statement.

serena williams bikini close up

The statement on Wada’s website read: “The group accessed athlete data, including confidential medical data – such as Therapeutic Use Exemptions delivered by International Sports Federations Continue reading

US Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe TAKES KNEE During National Anthem

US soccer star Megan Rapinoe kneels during national anthem before Seattle Reign’s game against Chicago Red Stars in ‘nod’ to NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.


Megan Rapinoe kneels National Anthem

Rapinoe is internationally known for her crafty style of play and her precise cross to Abby Wambach in the 122nd minute of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup quarterfinals Continue reading

JUMP SHIP: Ralph Lauren Polo Follows Speedo DROPS Ryan Lochte Sponsorship

Ralph Lauren has followed Speedo in dropping Ryan Lochte from their list of sponsors. The cutting move comes on the heels of the swimmer’s fabricated story about being robbed in Rio.

Today, the popular clothing brand announced that they will not be renewing Lochte’s sponsorship contract. Lochte will reportedly lose millions over the sponsor exodus.

Ralph Lauren Ryan Lochte polo

“Ralph Lauren continues to proudly sponsor the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team and the values that its athletes embody,” the company said in a statement Continue reading

That Was FAST! Usain Bolt BUSTED Cheating On Girlfriend With Rio GROUPIE!

Olympics groupies? Yes they exist.. Proof positive as Usain Bolt, who just got a boat load of press for supposedly getting ready to marry his longtime girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, was caught red handed with a 20-year-old female he met in a club while in Rio.

After their tryst, the woman was kind enough to share photos of their hook up with the world via social media.

usain bolt hook up Jady Duarte olympics

Bolt’s groupie, Jady Duarte, is already talking about her alleged experience with Jamaican gold medal winner. Continue reading

Mongolian Wrestling Coaches DISROBE To Protest Bad Call During Olympics

Two Mongolian National wrestling coaches disrobed in front of an arena filled with fans and onlookers. This was in protest to a bad call made by the officials/judges during a wrestling match at the Olympics that impacted the outcome.

This was supposed to be the bronze medal match for wrestling at the Rio Games. It was down to Mandakhnaran Ganzorig of Mongolia and Ikhtiyor Navruzov of Uzbekistan.

Mandakhnaran Ganzorig Mongolia Ikhtiyor Navruzov

There was about 7 seconds left on the clock and Mongolia’s Ganzorig began celebrating by running around the area in what he thought would be a 7 – 6 victory in his favor. However, this was not the case, Uzbekistan challenged the scoring and by stating the wrestler (Ganzorig) failed to continue engaging with Navruzov and there was time left on the clock.

Continue reading

The Girl Who DARE Date The FASTEST Man ALIVE

Meet Kasi Bennett, the young lady dating the fastest man alive, Olympic gold medal artist X9, Usain Bolt.

Bennett, 26, hails from the Jamaican town of Old Harbour and now is hailed for successfully reeling in one big, fast fish, in Bolt, who is 29.

kasi bennett USAIN BOLT gf

Bolt has been quiet about his relationship in the past, telling journalist Ian Boyne in January that while he’s been dating the “uptown Jamaican girl” for nearly three years, he wants to keep their coupling private. Continue reading

DAMAGE CONTROL: Ryan Lochte Hires Justin Bieber’s CRISIS PR Guy

Suddenly find your career in tatters after some sort of major indiscretion? Like telling the world (via your mommy) that you got robbed at gun point when you were really on a late night bender? Better call crisis PR guru Matthew Hiltzik. In what could be noted as his only good move in days, Ryan Lochte has done just that.

Lochte, 32, has officially hired Hiltzik Strategies to deal with the intense fallout following his now infamous “look mom! I got robbed at the 2016 Rio Olympics!

Ryan Lochte 90210

“Hiltzik has helped celebrities including Justin Bieber, Harvey Weinstein and Alec Baldwin in the past,” The Wrap’s Brian Flood wrote. “Hiltzik also works with troubled athletes — he helped MLB star Ryan Braun when he was accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. Continue reading

Ellen DeGeneres SLAMMED On Social Media As RACIST After Posting THIS Usain Bolt MEME

It seems like everyone these days has a feeling or emotion and nobody can say anything. What is going on in our country when an openly gay, female comedian, who champions for the rights of all humanity (including animals) is labeled a “racist” for telling a joke?

Ellen DeGeneres, who should be labeled “Ellen the generous” because she spends ALL her time on her talk show helping others who have fell on hard times, has recently come under fire for a Usain Bolt meme she posted on Twitter.

Ellen who is a fan of meme’s and regularly creates and shares them on her show was just trying to be funny, spread some laughs and reiterate what the world already knows………Usain Bolt is fast as hell. But instead of laughs she got backlash and the typical “you’re racist” responses. Continue reading

Brazilian TWINS To WOW Rio Olympics With Their Memorizing Synchronized Swimming

Brazilian twins Bia and Branca Feres blew up the internet between 2008 to 2010, and now they’re finally returning to show off their synchronized swimming skills in the Rio Olympics this Thursday!

Bia and Branca, 29, competed in the 2008 Olympics, however, they did not make the team. But that’s all about to change!

Brazilian twins Bia Branca Feres Synchronized Swimmers

Then again in 2012 we hoped that the ladies would once again appear in the Summer Olympics, but because they each got breast implants in 2011 they missed out on the Games because they hadn’t been able to qualify. Continue reading

Rio Olympic Silver Medals Made From Recycled X-Ray Plates Gold Medals Not So Golden

One would assume that Olympics medals handed out during the summer games in Rio are actually made of gold, silver, and bronze.. Guess again. The reality is more complicated.

Because distributing pure gold medals would be cost prohibitive, the actual gold medals are made mostly of silver with a thin layer of real gold bonded for color. The silver medal is made from silver that is recycled from, among other items, X-ray plates, car parts, and mirrors.

are olympics gold medals really made of gold

Gold Medal

Gold medals at the Olympics haven’t actually been 100% gold since the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. Since then, they’ve actually been mainly made of silver, with a gold plating on top to give them the expected appearance. Continue reading