Hollywood is sending the wrong message lately. I’m going to step on the soap box for a minute.  Actually I’m going to get more crackers and cheese and then come back.

Ok. I’m back.


Hollywood is set to make a ton of remakes in 09. I know about 10 scripts my friends have (and I know of 2 in my drawer) that are unique, funny, well written and deserve to be read. Sometimes they are read but not green lighted.

Getting into Hollywood as a writer is like walking out of Best Buy with 3  plasma 50″ big screens and not paying for them.  You MIGHT be able to pull it off..but it’s luck, timing and speed. Is the clerk who normally pays attention at lunch? Did your getaway car get held up from a parade of strollers in the parking lot? Can you run the carts out fast enough without breaking the televisions? Will you run over the man who stands at the front checking receipts?

Yah….that’s about how it feels to get your scripts into Hollywood. My point is, before studios go and make a slate of remakes how about going into the vault of scripts that they have purchased ONLY to keep it away from other studios- yet refuse to make them?

Don’t forget Drew’s Script-O-Rama that shows what scripts are selling…yet I rarely see one actually get made after it’s sold. Inktip has some success–let’s hope they have more in the near future. Read Full Story for the list of remakes coming….

It should be hard work to get a good script FINISHED..and less hard to get a good script read and made.

Here are the remakes coming to town:

My Fair Lady

Total Recall



The Karate Kid


Green Hornet


Romancing The Stone


10 Things

Melrose Place


I think we should have a few remakes that make sense like these:

Spaceballs 2- Rise Against The Machines

Basket Case 2- Attack Of The Blobs

Envy 2: Jack Black Rises Against The Machines

Gigli 2: Rise Against The Machines (hahah)