AIR MARSHAL BUSTED Caught Taking Inappropriate Photos Of Women (video)

Another black eye for the folks entrusted to protect our safety in the skies, this time an on-duty federal air marshal caught taking pictures up a woman’s skirt during a flight..

Air Marshal arrested AIR MARSHAL BUSTED Caught Taking Inappropriate Photos Of Women (video)

Adam Bartsch faces serious charges after he was caught red handed filming up a female’s clothing..

The uncensored photo in question has not yet been released by authorities..

TSA Body Scans ”Only Generic Images Of Passenger Bodies”

TSA body scans: The graphic full-body scans of passengers at airports will stop, the Transportation Security Administration told federal officials on May 30.


A letter from the agency detailing the changes was sent to officials last week but not publicly released until Thursday.

John Pistole, the administrator for the agency, says that all body scanners will only be used to take generic images of passenger bodies. Continue reading

TSA XRAY Scanners Completely Phased Out By June!

TSA has announced that x-ray scanners used to electronically secure passengers ready for flight, will be completely phased-out my June.


The TSA says the X-ray scanners will be gone by June because Rapiscan was not able to come up with a software fix to make the scanners comply with a Congressional mandate that the scanners better protect passenger privacy. Opponents of full-body scanners argue that strip searches without probable cause violate basic human rights. Governments do not have the right to make strip searches routine and mandatory, regardless of whether the strip search is done by physically removing clothes or by using technological means to remove the clothes. FOX.

Good x-ray riddance!

TSA HUMAN? Agent Leaves Surprise Note For TV Top Chef Master

Breaking news! TSA agents found to actually be human! Top Chef Masters, Chris Cosentino, got a surprise after finding a message scribbled on a box he had earlier checked at JFK.

“I love you on Top Chef Masters and you post awesome Instagram pic -TSA”

Cosentino tweeted this pic of the box and wrote, “This is on a box I had checked from JFK with my name on it!”

Okay well I guess I have to admit that the TSA might actually have some human agents…

Woman’s Cupcake Confiscated by Vegas TSA

A seemingly nice woman named Rebecca Hains, says That her cupcake was confiscated by the TSA at the Las Vegas Airport.

Haines said she was going through the security checkpoint, and a TSA agent ‘pulled her aside and said the cupcake frosting was “gel-like” enough to constitute a security risk’.

TSA took her cupcake and probably ate it too.

TSA spokesperson James Fotenos responded in a statement on the matter saying, “In general, cakes and pies are allowed in carry-on luggage,” and TSA ‘is looking into why this cupcake was confiscated’.

Trend: Stripping Naked to Avoid TSA Scanning, Groping

It seems a third option has emerged out of the issues caused by TSA scanning and pat downs, stripping down.

A new trend is finding folks that do not want to be scanned or touched in anyway by TSA security pervs are deciding to strip to their skivvies to avoid the pat down and to prove they are not terrorists.

Samuel Wolanyk was arrested for refusing to complete the security process and for recording the incident on his iPhone, according to his attorney and all for shedding his clothing to avoid the invasive procedure.

Wolanyk’s attorney said TSA requested his client put his clothes back on and be patted down properly, however, his client refused.