Jay Leno Appears On Arsenio Hall Show With Special Announcement

Jay Leno made a surprise visit to The Arsenio Hall Show carrying an important announcement..

leno on arsenio

In his first appearance on television since stepping down as host of “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno turned up on Wednesday’s edition of “The Arsenio Hall Show” (11 p.m. WPIX/Ch.11) to break the news that Hall’s syndicated program had been renewed for a second season.

Leno pulled an envelope out of his pocket and read aloud that CBS had renewed it for another year.

Hall, appeared to be at a loss for words, until Leno quipped, “He’s more annoyed that I knew before he did.”


Justin Timberlake has canceled his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden Wednesday due to mystery health problem! The announcement came only hours before he was scheduled to take the stage.130124-justin-timberlake

“There is never an easy way to do this… Unfortunately, I have to postpone tonight’s show to Friday,” Timberlake Tweeted at 5:40 p.m. “I am truly sorry to everyone that have tickets for tonight. It kills me to have to do this. I hope to see you all on Friday.” source

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NY Post: Jimmy Fallon Debut ‘Wasn’t Good’

According to the NY Post, Jimmy Fallon’s debut wasn’t bad – but he also wasn’t good.. All this withstanding a HUGE amount of support from top celebrities and mega musicians including, Will Smith, U2, Robert De Niro, Mike Tyson, Tina Fey, Mariah Carey and others.

The Post called out Fallon as, “visibly nervous,” hinting the host only “made it through his first Tonight Show with a little help from his friends, and a lotta help from his city.” Yes, they went all the way there.

jimmy fallon debut

Will Smith did a skit dressed in matching overalls and U2 performed on the roof of 30 Rockefeller Center while freezing their collective assets off, but alas all that was not enough to impress the Post.. Continue reading

Jimmy Fallon’s VERY FIRST ”Tonight Show” U2 and WILL SMITH Guest

Jimmy Fallon will open his run as the host of NBC’s “Tonight” show with actor Will Smith and the rock band U2 as guests, reports AP.


NBC is debuting the Fallon regime on Feb. 17 at midnight following the Winter Olympics. It will slip into its regular slot following the local news a week later, with Seth Meyers inheriting “Late Night.”

Fallon says he has talked to “Tonight” show incumbent Jay Leno regularly during the transition. One piece of advice that Fallon has already taken is to increase the length of his monologue.

Although Fallon is moving “Tonight” to New York from the West Coast, he said he will take the show on the road – including to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks a year.

Shia LaBeouf: ”FBI Recorded My Booty Call!”

I find this stunning! Shia LaBeouf appearing on TV back in 2008 describing every govrnment controversy going on RIGHT NOW! 5 YEARS LATER! It turns out a chatty-cathy of a FBI consultant, working on his film at that time, told him some very revealing facts about the government secret surveillance program.. I’m starting to get the feeling that everybody knew except me..

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Gas-pump video staged? Damn you Jay Leno! I really promoted this for you! And it ends up being fake? I hate you! Again Jay Leno.. The smoking gun, has come up with some powerful arguments to illustrate the fact that the fantastic couple that showed up randomly on the Jay Leno show, pumping their gas and singing and dancing, we’re complete fakers.. Did I say, DAMN YOU JAY!

5/13 UPDATE: In an interview today, Monifa Sims acknowledged her prior “Tonight Show” appearance, claiming that, “When it happened again, I said, ‘I cannot believe it!'”

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