Dolly Parton Covered In Tattoos

Who knew that country legend, Dolly Parton was covered in secret tattoos!

There’s a reason that the country singer always wears long sleeves and that’s because she already has full tat sleeves! She’s basically covered in tattoos! Ink that she’s been weirdly secretive about.

Our friends at discovered some of the photographic evidence, including one secret tat that’s safely tucked away in her cleavage!

dolly parton tattoos

Miley Cyrus UNCORKED ‘My First Choice Was Not Madonna, It Was Dolly Parton’

Miley Cyrus and music relic Madonna teamed up for MTV’s ‘Unplugged’ special, but Madge wasn’t exactly Miley’s first choice. Awkward.

Madonna Miley Cyrus

“I just wanted to have a special guest that would be something that no one saw coming, especially with it being ‘Unplugged,’” Miley C admitted in a recent interview. Continue reading