Justice For CECIL Petition Receives Over 420,000 Signatures

A petition demanding justice for slain lion, Cecil, has reached a staggering 435,000 signatures. The petition shows no sign of slowing, receiving thousands of signatures per hour.

The petition, posted on ThePetitionSite.com, reads in part,

petition for cecil the lion

On July 1, Cecil the lion, one of the most famous animals in one of Zimbabwe‘s national parks, was shot by a bow hunter. Continue reading

Bette Midler Calls In SICK Over Presenting Award To Ariana Grande

Bette Midler was supposed to present Ariana Grande with a Billboard Rising Star award honoring Women in Music, but called in “sick” Friday.

Producers were hoping the Midler and Grande stunt would make for great publicity, but instead they were reduced to Grande’s crazy brother Frankie handing off the trophy.

grande bette-midler

“It was supposed to be a fun/funny/makeup session, but Bette got sick at the last minute and couldn’t show. Continue reading

Girl Sent Home From School Over THIS HAIRDO

Teenagers are known for experimenting with their looks. Many young people wear the latest fashion to make their statement, while others use makeup and edgy hairstyles.

Maegan Galloway, a freshman at Bleckley County High School in Macon, Georgia, changing her hair had some unexpected consequences.

Maegan Galloway blue hair school

When school administrators spotted her new blue ‘do, they were unhappy about it. Continue reading

Syrian Hero Boy Saving Girl A PRANK Reveal Filmmakers

A video that captivated the internet appearing to show a young Syrian tyke dodging sniper fire to rescue a young girl – was in reality- made with professional actors.

Media was advised by the filmmakers that they in-fact concocted the elaborate stunt on a set also used for feature films and commercials.

Syrian Hero Boy Saving Girl A PRANK Reveals Filmmakers

The boy was hailed a hero after the one-minute clip, thought to be filmed in Yabroud, a countryside town 50 miles from Damascus, was posted online earlier this week.

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