Staggering 1 Million Go Dark During Brutal Nor’easter Storm

At least 900,000 customers in the Northeast are without electricity Thursday after being hit with a powerful storm.

The massive storm, which followed another devastating storm last week, pelted the area with heavy snow, ice and strong winds, downing power lines and leaving precarious road conditions.

The nor’easter may drop several more inches of snow in Massachusetts and northern New England into Thursday afternoon, but largely the storm did its worst Wednesday, leaving about 900,000 customers without power along the East Coast from Virginia to Maine. Continue reading

Bill Belichick Shows Up To Media Q&A With Mystery Black Eye

New England Patriots‘ head coach, Bill Belichick, showed up to his news conference Tuesday sporting a mystery black eye.

Belichick surprised reporters by displaying what appeared to be a painful shiner on his left eye, but declined to reveal exactly how the injury occurred, only commenting, ‘I think I’ll live.’

Bill Belichick black eye

When asked if he planned to put himself on the injury report, Belichick said in a deadpan tone; ‘I don’t think we need to list the coaches on the injury report. Continue reading

Aaron Hernandez Trial POSTPONED Second Day After Boston Gets More Snow

Aaron Hernandez‘s murder trial has been canceled for a second straight day after two more feet of snow fell on Boston.

On Friday, the jury took a fieldtrip to the home of Hernandez and the murder scene, and that was the last official day of court proceedings as the weather has made it nearly impossible for travel to and from the courthouse.

aaron hernandez trial 2

New England and New York state are enduring the third winter storm in less than two weeks. Continue reading

NE Patriots 1MIL Twitter Promotion Goes Horribly Wrong

Murphy’s law, it’s a bitch and apparently a racist too.. The NE Patriots had a simple plan to honor their one millionth follower on Twitter by firing off a custom shoutout tweet.. There was just one little problem, the fan’s twitter handle was “IHATENIGGERSS”

The Patriots were celebrating becoming the first NFL franchise to reach 1 million followers by superimposing the lucky fan’s username on the back of a Patriots’ jersey, but what should have been a euphoric milestone was soon sullied after the Twitterverse carefully hyphenated the nickname.

ihateniggerss patriots

Continue reading

Whole Foods MAD COW Recall: What You Need To Know

At least 4,000 pounds of pricey rib-eye and other cuts of beef have been yanked from Whole Foods shelves after the meat was found to possibly contain contaminated materials linked to mad cow disease.

The beef was produced and packaged between September 2013 and April 2014.

whole-foods-beef-recall 2

The affected beef was processed at Fruitland American Meat in Jackson, Missouri, and distributed to a Whole Foods distribution center in Connecticut, which services its New England stores, and a restaurant in New York City and another one in Kansas City, Missouri.

GOD HELP THEM!! Patriots Cut TEBOW..

I would not want to be the New England Patriots this season.. God only knows what might happen to the club after they spit in his eye (god’s eye,) by cutting QB TIM TEBOW!!!

Tebow saw a bit of playing time against the Giants Thursday, going 6-for-11 and throwing for 91 yards, but it was not enough to keep him on the roster. He would have been the second back-up quarterback to Tom Brady, after Ryan Mallett.

tebow GQ“I think whenever you put a roster together you look at it and say ‘Okay, we’re a little heavy here and we’re a little light here’ relative to where your team has been in the past or maybe relative to what the norm is around the league,” Continue reading

Check Out Rob Gronkowski LEAKED $9,000 Super Bowl Pub Tab

When New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski throws a tight Super Bowl party! Look at his tab finalizing at a whopping $9K!la-sp-sn-rob-gronkowski-9000-tab-20130222-001

This year’s bowl blowout for Gronk and all his pals was no exception — he ran up a $9,000 tab.

How do you spend $9,000 on a party?

Well, start with $1,575 worth of Grey Goose vodka and $1,250 of PJ Rose champagne. Add in other assorted alcoholic beverages and some Red Bull, and then a $1,400 tip.


Of course, to Gronkowski, spending $9,000 is like a regular person spending $10. He did, after all, make $2.6 million last season. Source.

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Boston Billboards Tout Ray Lewis Retirement

Billboards are cropping up all over Massachusetts already touting Sunday’s AFC Championship Game as Ray Lewis’ last! At least if you ask the folks in New England…


No one really knows if Sunday’s AFC title game will usher in the retirement of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, but as this billboard clearly demonstrates the people have spoken in a big way.

One user writes on a Ravens message board:

“I think it’s perfect. The Ravens will definitely party on that field while getting the Lamar Hunt Trophy. They will definitely party for Ray’s last game at that stadium. The Patriot fans are more than welcome to stick around and join in the celebration.”