I would not want to be the New England Patriots this season.. God only knows what might happen to the club after they spit in his eye (god’s eye,) by cutting QB TIM TEBOW!!!

Tebow saw a bit of playing time against the Giants Thursday, going 6-for-11 and throwing for 91 yards, but it was not enough to keep him on the roster. He would have been the second back-up quarterback to Tom Brady, after Ryan Mallett.


tebow GQ“I think whenever you put a roster together you look at it and say ‘Okay, we’re a little heavy here and we’re a little light here’ relative to where your team has been in the past or maybe relative to what the norm is around the league,” Belichick said after Thursday’s game. “But, you’ve got to have an idea and some kind of plan for when you’re light, where that depth is going to come from, whether it’s carrying guys on the practice squad or other players that are out there as free agents that you think you’d be able to add if you needed them.”

Too bad for the Patriots, I’m sure they just lost billions of new fans who were planning on watching them – for the first time – this season.. All because of Tebow.. And his other coach, a guy by the name of God.