Bill Belichick Shows Up To Media Q&A With Mystery Black Eye

New England Patriots‘ head coach, Bill Belichick, showed up to his news conference Tuesday sporting a mystery black eye.

Belichick surprised reporters by displaying what appeared to be a painful shiner on his left eye, but declined to reveal exactly how the injury occurred, only commenting, ‘I think I’ll live.’

Bill Belichick black eye

When asked if he planned to put himself on the injury report, Belichick said in a deadpan tone; ‘I don’t think we need to list the coaches on the injury report. Continue reading

NFL Releases Statement Over #DEFLATEGATE

The NFL just released this statement regarding their investigation into the scandal surrounding the report of underinflated footballs being used in the AFC title game.

Meanwhile, a petition circulating on the internet to boycott the Super Bowl over the controversy is gaining steam.


“Our office has been conducting an investigation as to whether the footballs used in last Sunday’s AFC Championship Game complied with the specifications that are set forth in the playing rules. Continue reading

DEFLATE GATE FALLOUT: Petition Demands NFL BAN PATRIOTS Or Fans Boycott Super Bowl

Check out this petition that just hit the interwebs demanding the NFL disqualify the Patriots from competing in the Super Bowl, or face an all out boycott by the fans.

Petition: Dear NFL: The Fans Have Spoken, Disqualify The Patriots.


The New England Patriots cheated. Not only did they cheat their opponents, they cheated us fans too.  Continue reading

USATODAY: Disqualify The Patriots Over #DeflateGate

USA Today is reporting what many of us are thinking, the New England Patriots should be disqualified from participating in the Super Bowl.

The NFL released their findings stating that 11 of 12 footballs used in the AFC championship game were willfully deflated by the Pats. But even-though the team cheated, they will, most likely, be allowed to play in the big game.


Cheat on a test in school? You fail, no questions asked. Continue reading

GOD HELP THEM!! Patriots Cut TEBOW..

I would not want to be the New England Patriots this season.. God only knows what might happen to the club after they spit in his eye (god’s eye,) by cutting QB TIM TEBOW!!!

Tebow saw a bit of playing time against the Giants Thursday, going 6-for-11 and throwing for 91 yards, but it was not enough to keep him on the roster. He would have been the second back-up quarterback to Tom Brady, after Ryan Mallett.

tebow GQ“I think whenever you put a roster together you look at it and say ‘Okay, we’re a little heavy here and we’re a little light here’ relative to where your team has been in the past or maybe relative to what the norm is around the league,” Continue reading

Perez’s Puncher A Probie?

You guys like that alliteration?

Polo Molina, the man who socked Perez Hilton, might be facing a whole lot of trouble.  So far, his fight with Perez was really more headlines than it was legal problems.  But now it’s been revealed that Mr. Molina is on probation for a DUI.  Yeah, not good.  A judge could definitely consider this altercation a violation of his probation and toss him in the slammer for 6 months.

So, for all the huffing and puffing about Perez Hilton, his lawsuit might actually put this guy away for a long while.  And he thought Will.I.Am was mad at him before.