James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson Epic Dawson’s Creek Reunion Selfie

James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson Have an Epic Dawson’s Creek Reunion: Picture

Dawson’s Creek costars James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson reunited in a cute picture — see the photo!

James Van Der Beek Joshua Jackson Dawsons  Creek Reunion Picture 2

ISIS Claims Beheading of U.S. Aid Worker in New Video

The National Security Council is working to verify the militant group’s claims. Continue reading

Katie Holmes Glamour Shot Of a Gym Card ID Revealed!

Katie Holmes gym ID card photo revealed! Hey! It’s called light hearted news! And don’t complain because I could be writing about a tripple homicide in Toledo! I mean if there was one I would! But there wasn’t one! So watch it! Anyway, let’s just go with this one..

Habitually casual Holmes was spotted out and about in New York City, not only make-up-less but also with the dreadfully messy ponytail. But that didn’t stop the former Mrs. Cruise from going full-tilt with the styling for her gym photo! Where was that picture taken? Glamour shots?

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Suri Cruise Discovered Using ‘Body Double’ To Fool Public

Interesting! TMZ revealed the strange fact that for some odd reason Tom Cruise and or Katie Holmes is employing another little girl to “play” Suri, think of it as a “body double” in order to trick the press and the public in general. I think it is more about tricking any would-be kidnappers… But then what happens? They kidnap this other little girl? Is she any less important than Suri? I mean, I get it, but I don’t get it.


TMZ may have found proof that Suri Cruise is actually using a TINY BODY DOUBLE to fool the media!!!

Exhibit A — Suri getting out of an SUV in NYC this weekend wearing a beanie, blue bubble jacket, leggings and brown Uggs.

suri-cruise-double-splash-8Exhibit B — Another little girl who sorta looks like Suri getting out of the exact same SUV wearing an IDENTICAL OUTFIT … with a different colored beanie. So what does it all mean??? Is Suri trying to dupe the media? Is the other girl in on some sort of diabolical plot? Or … are they just friends who like to wear the same clothes?We know, that’s ridiculous … IT’S TOTALLY A BODY DOUBLE!!!

suri body double

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Tom Cruise Ironclad Prenup Guarantees Katie Holmes Squat

Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise and when the bond is officially severed, she will get virtually nothing — as far as cash goes… Tom’s expertly crafted prenup will cut Katie completely out of his fortune.

tomcruise katieholmes Tom Cruise Ironclad Prenup Guarantees Katie Holmes Squat

Katie was well aware of the prenup when she filled for divorce so not receiving a huge payday seems to be just fine with her.

Katie knowingly signed a long-winded prenup constructed to protect Tom and early reports said she would walk away with $15-20 million, but the reality is, Katie will walk away with what she brought into the marriage — Nada.

Someone claiming to be close to Holmes said “She’s [Katie] not about the money. She’s not that girl. She loves to work.”

Katie will surly receive child support from Tom, and that will likely be a tidy sum, however, Katie will have to ask Siri, the couple’s young daughter, for a loan, if she wants to spend any of Tom’s sweet cash on herself.

The prenup could be challenged by Holmes, a standard practice in high-profile divorces but camp Katie is saying, “Money is not that important to her. She makes plenty on her own.”

Close the drapes Katie!! I think you’re being watched!