Tom Cruise Mother Mary Lee South DIES Laid To Rest In Private Scientology Service

We are just learning today that the mother of actor Tom Cruise, Mary Lee South, died last week. She was 80.

TMZ is reporting, South passed away in her sleep after battling a long illness. Tom, 54, and his three sisters were at her service held this weekend at her local Church of Scientology. Tom’s three sisters, Lee Ann DeVette, 57, Cass Mapother, 55, and Marian Henry, 52.

Also at the service were several close friends and family members. Mary Lee was last seen in Clearwater, Florida in 2016 using a walker and looking thinner than usual. Before that, she had not been seen since 2010. Mary split from Tom’s father, Thomas Cruise Mapother III, in 1974 and went on to marry John ‘Jack’ South in 1978, when Tom was 16. Continue reading

It’s Been A Year Since Suri Cruise Has Seen Her Daddy Tom

Tom Cruise has failed to visit his daughter, Suri, in almost a year and isn’t even on speaking terms with his ex-wife and the mother of his child, Katie Holmes.

Cruise, 52, is reportedly following the Scientology script to a tee by completely ignoring Holmes, and basically disowning his young child.

Kick It With Beckham & The LA Galaxy

“My understanding is that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise don’t even speak to each other,” Piers Morgan recently shared to ET about Suri‘s mom. Continue reading


Tom Cruise back on-set shooting scenes for his franchise Mission: Impossible 5 in London, England, after an epic meltdown that shut down production for a solid week.

Cruise, 52, pulled a massive on-the-job wabbler after demading rewrites of the big finale.

tom cruise mission impossible 5 a

It was recently reported that filming for the movie was halted for a week, so the ending could be rewritten. Continue reading

THE SHORT LIST: World’s Shortest Celebrities Revealed!

You don’t have to be tall to be a celebrity.. Case in point..


Snooki, the “Jersey Shore” star stands at only 4’8″ so it’s no surprise you’ll usually see this gal in HIGH heels.

Continue reading

Movie Being Written About Tom Cruise’s Character from “Tropic Thunder”

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman

Have you ever seen the movie “Tropic Thunder”? If not, maybe you saw Tom Cruise on the MTV Awards this year, dressed like a half-bald, overweight a-hole producer type of guy. If you saw both like me, then you know all about Tom Cruise dressing in a fat suit, and dancing like a rich and old fat white guy.

Apparently either Cruise is so into this character he plays sometimes, “Les Grossman”, or he thinks everyone else in the world is so into the character, that Les Grossman is getting his own movie! That’s right, Ben Stiller, Stuart Cornfield, Michael Bacall and Cruise himself, are all pulling the production strings together to make the movie. Paramount Pictures and MTV are also on board to fund and house the production.

Ben Stiller says that the Les Grossman movie will be about “Les Grossman’s life story” and it is “an inspiring tale of the classic human struggle to achieve greatness against all odds.” Stiller then finishes, “and I am honored to be working with him [Cruise].”