George W Bush On Kanye For President “Hahaha”

When George W. Bush was asked by paps about his thoughts on the “Kanye For President” craze, he could hardly contain his laughter, scratch that, he straight up laughed at the notion.

TMZ caught up with the former President’s while he was dining in D.C. After his Kanye comments and signing a few autographs, Bush was whisked into a waiting limo, but not before he reminded autograft recipients not to sell them on eBay.

George Bush On Kanye For President 5

Thursday night to get his reaction to Kanye’s early declaration for 2020 … and his reaction is classic Dub-ya. In fairness Continue reading

Kanye West: Performing On Stage As Dangerous As Going To WAR

Kanye West has amassed himself with other celebrities who have a bad habit of comparing performing to that of being a police officer or even a soldier fighting in a war like Afghanistan.

West arrogantly compared his singing duties to that of a soldier fighting in a war or a police officers’ dangerous tasks.


The rapper’s latest comments are even more outrageous, as he compared the danger of performing on stage to a soldier in battle.“I’m putting my life at risk, literally!”  Continue reading

Kanye West: Bought Sold Repackaged..

I think Kanye West is loosening up his, “I’m better than that,” vibe.. The artist just performed for a wedding for a measly few million dollars, $3MIL to be somewhat exact.. Degrading.. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’d perform on a tightwire this side of hell’s gates to get your grubbies on a million, but, you’re not Kanye West. Elite types have to answer to a higher authority, by the name of the Illuminati, and if they say, “go play the wedding,” you go play the wedding, or do the fire walk in hell, take your pick..

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