Our friends over at urban gossip website,, are saying, they are almost, completely, 100%, positive – that, wait for it.. Singer, superstar Alicia Keys is – With child! That’s right folks! If MTO is right, (this time,) Alicia Keys is pregnant! So really! Don’t quote me on that, unless it ends up being true, then do.

alicia keys 2013 met gala IS ALICIA KEYS PREGNANT?

just got PRETTY CLOSE TO A CONFIRMATION yesterday . . . that R&B superstar ALICIA KEYS IS PREGNANT.

Our antennae’s went UP earlier in the week when Alicia showed up at the Met Gala with a BIT OF A BUMP . . . . but we couldn’t get anyone to SPEAK ON IT.

But last night, we spoke to a CELEB INSIDER and FRIEND of Alicia’s that told us Alicia DID NOT HAVE A SIP OF ANYTHING ALCOHOLIC on Monday. And when our snitch asked Alicia if she was pregnant, Alicia SMILED and refused to answer the question.


Alicia already has one child with Beatz.

Just in case MTO is right I’ll say it.. Congratulations Alicia and um, Swizz!

SLAYER Flesh Eating Bacteria Couldn’t Kill Him, But The Drink Did

Hey, I like to have a nice drinkypooh as much as the next guy, but this will give you pause before you decide to drink to excess and on a continual basis.. Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman died from cirrhosis of the liver caused by years of alcohol abuse – and not as a result of his bout with flesh eating bacteria. So what does that tell you? I don’t know either..


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I GIVE UP! Kim K Finally Opts Stretch For Pants Attending Beyonce Concert

It looks like Kim Kardashian has finally stopped trying to wear form fitting clothes during her last few months of pregnancy.. I wonder if the baby liked the Beyoncé concert? After all it had to be pretty loud on the unborn’s ears.. I like the idea of Kim wearing something sensible, the only problem with this outfit is “sensible” meant wearing mismatched blacks, which I absolutely loath..

Kim+Kardashian+leaving+Dorchester+hotel+head+uWeKYyuZI cl I GIVE UP! Kim K Finally Opts Stretch For Pants Attending Beyonce Concert

Vampire Spider Sucks Life from Slayer Guitarist

“Slayer” guitarist Jeff Hanneman almost had his arm taken from him, or perhaps his living body, according to Slayer’s website, that said Hanneman was bit by a spider that gave him a ‘flesh-eating disease’! Yikes!

Hanneman contracted ‘necrotising fasciitis’, which is the name of a flesh-eating disease, from a spider bite over a year ago. The band says that Hanneman came close to having his golden guitar arm amputated but it was spared by the grace of God or whoever they believe in- as their logo is that devil star pentagram. Continue reading