“Slayer” guitarist Jeff Hanneman almost had his arm taken from him, or perhaps his living body, according to Slayer’s website, that said Hanneman was bit by a spider that gave him a ‘flesh-eating disease’! Yikes!

Hanneman contracted ‘necrotising fasciitis’, which is the name of a flesh-eating disease, from a spider bite over a year ago. The band says that Hanneman came close to having his golden guitar arm amputated but it was spared by the grace of God or whoever they believe in- as their logo is that devil star pentagram.

Hanneman was put in a medically-induced coma to treat the flesh-eating condition and ‘has had several operations and skin grafts to remove and replace his dead or decaying flesh’.Hanneman has had to count himself out of Slayer’s forthcoming world tour, as he feels that he needs to continue rehab and healing from the incident. The band’s site says, “He’s been in rehab doing exercises to regain the strength in his arm, but best of all, he’s been playing guitar.”


Guitarist Gary Holt from the band “Exodus” will fill in for Hanneman on Slayer’s summer tour, which begins on May 25th in London, England.

Gary Holt

The band is hopeful that Hanneman will make a full recovery, and they are waiting patiently to record a new album with their bro Hanneman later this year.