Rod Blagojevich Guilty – 1 of 23 Charges Lying to Feds

081209 governor rod blagojevich 500x375 Rod Blagojevich Guilty   1 of 23 Charges Lying to Feds

Many are calling this a victory for former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich after a jury found him guilty of just one out of the 23 federal charges he was facing. The guilty verdict, making false statements to the FBI, was the smallest count the jury could have handed down.

Deliberating for 14 days, the jury said they were deadlocked on the other 23 counts which included wire fraud, racketeering, extortion and bribery, the one charge Blagojevich was found guilty usually signals the jury was very close to innocent on all charges, however, because of a hold-out juror, a concession had to be made so they could all return to their lives.

Blagojevich could now receive a few months behind bars, if he had been convicted on all the charges it would have been more like 40 years and at least $500,000 in fines.

The feds spent a small fortune in tax payer dollars going after Blagojevich and the outcome is nothing short of a major embarrassment for prosecutors.

The Moment Perez Hilton Was Punched [Photo]

DrinkTheGlitterPEREZ The Moment Perez Hilton Was Punched [Photo]

A Canadian gossip website caught the exact moment after Perez Hilton was struck by Black Eyed Peas producer Liborio ‘Polo’ Molina.  This shot says it all.  Perez reeling in pain, Lady Ga Ga can also be seen in this picture.  This may be used for law enforcement purposes considering Molina is being charged in the assault. Molina will face Toronto’s Old City Hall officials August 5 to answer to the charge. Canadian law reads,  “maximum of five years in prison if prosecutors chose to charge him with an indictable offense or up to 18 months if he is charged with a summary offense.”

Chuck E Cheese Is The Bomb Yo!

Things are a little iffy over at the Philly Chuck E Cheese location.  37-year-old Dawn Blair was charged with “simple assault, disorderly conduct, recklessly endangering another person and harassment following a disturbance after she assaulted a 4 year-old at the pizza party chain!!! The incident took place at the Chartiers Valley Shopping Center Chuck E. Cheese on March 7th in Collier Township, Pennsylvania.

Have you had their food lately? It’s not as tasty as it once was.  Actually…maybe it was never good but when I was little I thought it was the bomb. My boyfriend and I went there one Sunday to attempt to relive the happiness only to run out 10 minutes later crying and picking stale pizza out of our teeth.

chuck e cheese Chuck E Cheese Is The Bomb Yo!