EVACUATION Happening At Newark NJ Airport

Dozens of travelers are being evacuated from air trains running at Newark Liberty Airport on Wednesday night.

Reports say that at least five trains are currently stuck. The cause of the outage has not yet been released.

Newark Airport Scenics and Customer Care

The trains run in between the various terminals at the airport. Police ordered to have power turned off before removing passengers from the trains. Continue reading

WATCH: Youtuber Catches Women Stealing His Beach Gear

A YouTube user by the handle of “Flicky Rich” says on the 4th of July, he caught two women taking his canopy and other items on the beach in New Snyrna Beach, Fla.

First he offered his help and one asked him if he knew how to dismantle it. Then he quickly broke the bad news that the stuff was his.

Flicky Rich” says on the 4th of July 2

At first, they pretended they were confused, claimed the stuff was theirs, but then it got ugly. Watch the full confrontation.

WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE — Viewer discretion advised.. source Continue reading

KARMA? American Apparel Posts EXPLODING Space Shuttle As Happy 4th Of July

Somewhere Dov Charney is laughing his arse off after American Apparel mistakenly did the unthinkable by posting this image of the horrific NASA Challenger space shuttle explosion as their happy July 4th photo tweet..

In a statement, the company claimed a social media geek mistook the iconic photo for holiday fireworks.


American Apparel apologized for the mistake, saying that their social media manager was born after 1986 and was unfamiliar with the iconic images from the disaster, which killed all seven astronauts on board. Continue reading