Frontier Ebola Plane Visited THREE Other Cities Before Quarantine

Ohio Health officials confirmed today that the Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola was flown from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport Monday on Frontier Flight 1143.

Now a report has revealed that the Frontier Airlines airplane that transported, Amber Joy Vinson, subsequently visited three different airports before being quarantined.

Ebola patient Amber Vinson

The Airbus A320 flew to Cleveland’s Hopkins International Airport, Hollywood International Airport near Ft Lauderdale, Florida, and Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Continue reading

Traveling EBOLA Nurse Visited Kent State U Friends

The second Texas health worker testing positive for Ebola, flew to and from Cleveland, and even spent some quality time with her family in Akron, Ohio, for five full days, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The Dallas nurse, identified as Amber Joy Vinson, even had time in her busy travel schedule to visit Kent State University.


“As of right now we do not have a case of Ebola in Ohio, but we are going to be working to identify any close contacts Continue reading

Second Dallas Ebola Nurse FLEW Frontier Air ON MONDAY

The second Dallas nurse testing positive for the deadly Ebola virus flew on Frontier Airlines from Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth, ON MONDAY..

The flight, Frontier #1143, landed at 8:16 p.m. CT Monday, the CDC said.

Amber Vinson frontier airlines ebola

One day before the health worker reported experiencing Ebola symptoms, Amber Vinson, 26, a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, was flying the friendly skies.. Continue reading

Man Locks Himself In American Air Cockpit “Virtually Impregnable”

A man rushed past gate attendants and locked himself inside the cockpit of an American Eagle plane in Baton Rouge, La.1×1.

The man has since surrendered to authorities and is in custody.

Andrew Alessi, apparently upset over a personal situation, could be charged with interfering with a flight crew, according to a federal law enforcement source.

American Eagle Airlines is a regional partner of American Airlines.

The aircraft was in the process of a turnaround, from Dallas, when the man got on the plane.

“It had been cleared of passengers,” airline personal said at a news briefing. “No passengers were ever in danger and they were in the process of clearing the plane and doing their final security walk-through. And what apparently happened, the gentleman in question pushed past the gate agent who was at the gate and ran down the jet bridge.”

Reports say an American Airlines employee “challenged” Alessi at the entrance of the plane, but Alessi got past him and locked himself in the cockpit. The cockpit is “virtually impregnable” once it is locked from the inside.

Alessi had no weapons and did not know how to fly a plane, according to a airport spokesman.

Source ABC News.