After Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, U.S. Has Treated 28 Ebola Cases In Liberia

You remember the scenes from relentless news broadcasts, bodies littering the streets of Liberia, the sick contorted and dying.

At that time, President Obama ordered the largest American intervention ever in a global health crisis, deploying nearly 3,000 troops in an effort to stem the urgent Ebolaepidemic.”

Ebola Nurse Nina Pham Video Surfaces

Now flash forward to today and the costly treatment facilities sit largely unused. Only 28 Ebola patients have been treated at the 11 treatment units built by the United States military, American officials now say. Continue reading

Second Dallas Ebola Nurse FLEW Frontier Air ON MONDAY

The second Dallas nurse testing positive for the deadly Ebola virus flew on Frontier Airlines from Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth, ON MONDAY..

The flight, Frontier #1143, landed at 8:16 p.m. CT Monday, the CDC said.

Amber Vinson frontier airlines ebola

One day before the health worker reported experiencing Ebola symptoms, Amber Vinson, 26, a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, was flying the friendly skies.. Continue reading

WHO: Ebola Incubation Period 42 Days NOT 21

WHO has released a report contradicting U.S. officials assessment of the Ebola incubation period..

In the WHO’s Ebola situation assessment newsletter released October, 14, 2014, it notes that 1 in 20 Ebola infections actually has an incubation period twice as long as the 21 days claimed by the CDC.

Hazmat team Thomas Duncan Ebola patient apartment 4

Are the Ebola outbreaks in Nigeria and Senegal over?

Not quite yet. Continue reading

IF This WAS An EBOLA Prank, He Could Be Charged With Terrorism

A Los Angeles mass transit passenger sparked a terrorist threat investigation in Downtown Los Angeles after telling a telling a Metro RTD bus driver that he was infected with the Ebola virus.

The man, donning a surgical mask, told a bus driver to “not mess,” with him because he was infected with Ebola.

l.a. metro bus ebola

The bus driver pushed the alarm button which dispatched dozens of officials resulting in the full-court Ebola screening play. Continue reading

Possible EBOLA Patient Screened At Jacksonville Hospital

A patient at Baptist Medical Center in downtown Jacksonville is being screened after possible exposure to the Ebola virus.

The unidentified person told hospital staff that they had casual contact with a person who travelled to West Africa.

Baptist Medical Center in Downtown Jacksonville

Officials say the patient is in isolation and is being monitored to protect hospital staff and the public. Continue reading

Delaware Child Rushed To Hospital Over Possible EBOLA

Officials at Bayhealth Kent General Hospital in Delaware say a child brought to their emergency department over the weekend is showing strong symptoms of the ebola virus.

Doctors evaluated the child, who is from Liberia, and using CDC guidelines say there is reason to believe it is a suspected case of Ebola.

ebola delaware child

The CDC says the likelihood of the child having Ebola is low and decided not to test the child after they were notified. Continue reading