Former Arizona TV personalities, Krystin Rae Lisaius and husband Somchai Lisaius, were sentenced over cocaine being found in their baby’s system on May 15th, 2016.

The ex-Tucson TV station reporters, were sentenced to a year of probation and suspended 30-day jail terms Monday after pleading guilty to child endangerment Aug. 31.


Police say the baby was taken to a hospital May 15 after being breastfed and appearing to be in distress. Tests found cocaine in the 4-month-old baby’s body, and police learned the couple had a party the night before. Continue reading

FL Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving Walmart Electric Cart

Loss prevention officers called Florida police to report a woman riding a Walmart electric shopping cart with a half-empty bottle of wine on board.

Josseleen Lopez, 25, was arrested for riding an electric shopping cart through the store in Lecanto, FL., while opening bottles of alcohol and eating an entire rotisserie chicken.

Josseleen Lopez mugshot

Store security said Lopez opened a sushi package and ate a piece before putting it back on the shelf. Continue reading

Trooper Ordered Into Counseling After Posing With Snoop Dogg

This fan photo depicting Trooper Billy Spears and rapper Snoop Dogg may appear rather innocuous, but it was enough to land the officer in hot water with his department.

The photo, snapped at last month’s SXSW festival in Austin, has been liked almost 20,000 times on social media, but Spears’ bosses aren’t laughing and have ordered him into counseling..

Trooper Billy Spears Snoop Dogg

The Department of Public Safety decided Trooper Spears should undergo counseling Continue reading

Woman Wearing I LOVE CRYSTAL METH T-Shirt Arrested For Meth

A Laurel Co. woman was arrested for meth possession while wearing her favorite “I Love Crystal Meth” t-shirt.

Deborah Delane Asher, 37, was arrested and charged with trafficking controlled substances in the first degree after being found with 3.37 grams of crystal meth and a set of digital scales..

Deborah Delane Asher meth t shirt

The Laurel Co. Sheriff Department wrote on its Facebook page:

Continue reading

John McEnroe Tatum O’Neal Son ARRESTED COCAINE

John McEnroe and Tatum O’Neal‘s son, Kevin, was arrested in NYC on criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The controlled substances were cocaine and prescription drugs.

kevin McEnroe tatum oneil

McEnroe, 27, was free on his own recognizance after a hearing on Wednesday. He didn’t enter a plea to charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance. Continue reading

Indio Downey ARRESTED – COCAINE Possession

**UPDATED BELOW** Robert Downey Jr.’s son, Indio Downeywas arrested for possession of a controlled substance, that substance cocaine.

The bust went down in West Hollywood Sunday afternoon after cops spotted the fledgling musician smoking something from a pipe while seated in a vehicle. 

indio downey

Indio was a passenger in a car at around 2 PM PT when cops drove up alongside the vehicle and noticed the passenger was smoking something out of a pipe. An L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy pulled the car over, did a search and allegedly found cocaine in Indio’s possession.   Continue reading

Buck Naked Man In TESLA Practices Karate On PCH

For yet unknown reasons, a man stopped his Tesla motorcar in the middle of PCH in Malibu and danced (or maybe practiced the art of karate?) while naked. Highway Patrol tried to convince the man to exit the vehicle as he stood out the sunroof and swung his pants around.

Watch the video below but be advised that there is some long distance nudity involved!

Capt. Scott of the Pacific Palisades Fire Station believes that he had:
“…a meltdown or psychiatric episode or was on a controlled substance.”

Colts release statement On Jim Irsay Arrest

INDIANAPOLIS Colts owner Jim Irsay was arrested and charged with four felony counts after being arrested late Sunday night on possession of a controlled substance and driving while intoxicated. Turns out Irsay had several brands of prescriptions pills in his car, none matching his own prescribed meds. Irsay had recently said on Twitter that he had not touched drugs or alcohol in 15 years..zac-efron

It was earlier in the year Irsay was pictured partying with then drug-fueled actor, Zac Efron.. Continue reading

Hoffman Investigation Nets 350 Bags Of ‘Black list, Red Bull’ Heroin

A raid conducted over the death of actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, has found four people in custody as authorities recover 350 tiny plastic bags of heroin, reports CNN.Philip-Seymour-Hoffman

The bags were branded “black list” and “red bull,” not the ‘Ace Of Spades’ brand heroin that was located in Hoffman’s apartment.

The source identified the suspects being investigated in connection with drugs sold to Hoffman as Juliana Luchkiw, 22, charged with criminal use of drug paraphernalia, criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana; Continue reading

Bieber Buddy ‘Lil Za’ Racks Up 3 FELONIES Facing 9 YEARS

Lil Za Charged with 3 Felonies in Justin Bieber Raid.

One thing that this drama clearly demonstrates, Lil Za, Bieber’s best buddy, does NOT know when to play it cool.. You would think the kid would have cut the act when he intervened with law enforcement, but no.. His best bet was to cooperate with the cops.. However, after behaving like a total diva including but not limited to breaking up a jail phone, Lil Zha Zha has officially been charged with 3 FELONIES. In other words, they threw the book at him.lil-za

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