Britney Spears Dad Makes New Boyfriend Sign Confidentiality Agreement

Britney Spears’ INC, is trying to mitigate any fallout from a potential breakup of her latest relationship by reportedly making her new boyfriend sign a confidentiality agreement – before they even met.

Charlie Ebersol, 31, the son of sports mogul and SNL co-creator, Dick Ebersol, is said to courting Spears, being introduced through mutual friends. But before the pair even broke bread, Britney’s dad-ager and former conservator, Jamie Spears, approached Romeo, insisting on a fully executed – ironclad NDA.


The 31-year-old TV producer, whose mom is actress Susan St. James, fully understands the possible ramifications of breaking the hyper-legally worded “don’t kiss and tell” agreement and has every intention of keeping his mouth shut, at least when it comes to his relationship.  Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Britney’s Midnight ‘Circus’ at Hollywood Virgin Megastore

This Just In…Midnight Pandemonium in Hollywoodstreet virgin 150x150 EXCLUSIVE: Britneys Midnight Circus at Hollywood Virgin Megastore

Just before Midnight, DIE HARD Britney Spears fans waited in line for hours on Hollywood Blvd to get their hands on the FIRST copies of her new album “Circus”.

According to our source: “A” -who works at the Hollywood Virgin Megastore, told us that the store had a Britney look-alike contest just before Midnight. She said it was “mostly men who entered the Britney look-alike contest”.

circus02 300x225 EXCLUSIVE: Britneys Midnight Circus at Hollywood Virgin Megastore

Even though there was a limited supply of “Circus” albums on the shelves tonight, our insider told us that all 150 ‘Delux’ Britney albums were sold along with 150 regular Britney albums.

Lookin’ good so far Brit Brit! Will Britney’s “Circus” top Beyonce’s “I Am…Sasha Fierce” sales?

What do you think?