TechCrunch: Why Jay-Z Tidal Doomed

Jay-Z just launched a music streaming service called Tidal along with BeyoncéDaft Punk, Kanye, Arcade Fire, and Rihanna as co-owners contributing exclusive content.

The rapper says the goal is to get artists properly paid, but TechCrunch thinks the app is doomed to failure.

jay z tidal 3

Giving away music is how you get people to pay for it. That might seem crazy, but it’s true, though Jay-Z doesn’t want to listen. Continue reading

New York Post SLAMS GRAMMY Over Cory Monteith Spelling Error, Misspells Memorium

Exclusive: OOPS! DOUBLE Oops! Grammy producers misspelled Cory Monteith’s last name during the “In Memoriam” segment of the live telecast, then this morning, the Post called Grammy out for their grammatical error – while THEMSELVES misspelling the word, Memoriam.

cory grammy gaffe ny post 1

The Post reported that while “Glee” fans were moved that the late actor was included in this year’s Grammys “In Memoriam” montage, many have expressed their disappointment after Continue reading

Like A Virgin Producer ”Madonna’s Bitter I Turned Her Down For Sex”

Meet Nile Rodgers, he claims that Madonna freaked out after he said “no thanks” to a Madonna proposition for sex..

Rodgers, now 60, spoke recently about an encounter with the singer, now 54, back in the 1980s. Nile was hired as a producer on Madonna’s mega-million-selling “Like A Virgin,” when he was offered a roll in the hay compliments Madge..

Nile Rodgers and Madonna Sexual Advances 665x385 Like A Virgin Producer Madonnas Bitter I Turned Her Down For Sex

“I was standing at an elevator when she goes, ‘Why don’t you want to f*** me?’

To which he says:

“I was like, ‘What did you just say to me?’ She was wondering why I had not propositioned her. She couldn’t understand that. It was like, ‘Everybody wants me’.”

So why didn’t Nile Rodgers wants to sleep with Madonna while producing Like A Virgin? He reveals:

“One time I slept with a really beautiful artist I was working with and it was a really wrong thing to do. So, I didn’t work like that.”

In the end it all worked out, the pair went on to become really close friends. In fact, Nile Rodgers says that he and Madonna grew up to be as close as a man and woman can be without being romantically involved.

Read more.

Beyonce: BLUE IVY WILL Go On Tour AND THIS Is Where She’ll SIT!

This is SO cute! Beyonce revealed not only that she’s attending, but also exactly where her pride and joy, BLUE IVY, will be seated during the singer’s upcoming concert tour! The super privileged urber-child will top all other children with her own custom-made directors chair! Just like mom! Only smaller, in the seat area, a lot smaller… It is SO MINI and hence adorable! Can’t you just imagine the wee-one sitting there pointing and giving the common folk direction?! Can we get a chair made for papa Jay Z?

1364661336 beyonce baby blue 1 Beyonce: BLUE IVY WILL Go On Tour AND THIS Is Where Shell SIT!

Joe Jonas Is Cooler Than You Think

I don’t know about you, but I always looked at the Jonas Brothers as these rich-bratty brothers who got in with Disney early-on because of their parents, and that they are just kind of robotic, puppet-like people in general…but hottest brother Joe Jonas just might be cool according to his interview with MTV.

Jonas told MTV that he is working on a new solo album, and it’s not what you would expect at all. Jonas said that he is inspired by musicians like Daft Punk and Justice, and that he wants his album to have an “electro” sound. Jonas said, “I think for me the biggest influences are Daft Punk,” he explained to MTV News in the middle of a recording session, with music producer “Danja” by his side. He added, “I love their music. There’s a guy, Frankmusik, out of London, a lot of electro DJs out in Europe are doing some cool stuff right now.”

In order for Jonas to obtain this certain sound, he hired on producer “Danja” for the new album, who produces cutting-edge tracks for all of the hottest artists. Jonas lastly admitted that he firstly planned for the album to be more organic and adult-contemporary like, but then after he saw “Tron: Legacy”, he felt the vibe to change his album into a new direction.

Although he going in a totally new direction with his sound, Jonas still wants the messages/lyrics to be revolved around his life, he wants to be himself, and he wants to tell his own stories and just be honest. “When people hear it, hopefully they’ll be able to dance to it and have a good time” Jonas said.

Can Katy Perry Re-create Magic of Divas Beyonce, Gwen and Madonna?

katyperry thecount 209x300 Can Katy Perry Re create Magic of Divas Beyonce, Gwen and Madonna?

Katy Perry was deep sea thinking late night on Twitter. She was praising Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Madonna for all of the magic in music they’ve created throughout the years. Katy was expressing how she aspires to be a big diva for years to come just like her heroes. She ponders if her fans will stick with her, or move on to the ‘next’ Katy Perry. She’s already worried about her shelf life as a popstar and obviously not enjoying her current fame! Hello Katy!!! You’ve been all over the radio and TV for the last year. Isn’t that good enough? Study your heroes…that is where your answer lies dear grasshopper. Here’s her tweety thoughts…(I put together this compilation of tweets in a row that she wrote)

katyperry “It’s not a race it’s a marathon. I keep telling myself this. Think of the big picture. I think music is weird these days, people don’t…… Well the music industry doesn’t let u grow anymore, everything has 2B now, so immediate. Like watching Gwen [Stefani] tonight that was a 15 year..In the making. I can’t wait to make magic like that in 15 yrs, I just don’t know if people will wait for people to grow like they…Used too. Music is not fast food… It should change & grow and not be such competition of who’s on top or not. I think since we live …In such a internet fueled world w/everything @ our finger tips immediately we all want our musicians to b of Beyonce/Madonna level from the get go when we forget those amazing girls have been doing it for 15-25 years. I’m so thankful for the wonderful new fans & hope u guys will grow with me. Okay, that’s it… Just wanted to yack. love, Katy. Go grab ur dreams now and make them true life.”

Deep Thoughts With Paris Hilton

Grab a cup of coffee for this one:

paris hilton doug reinhardt party Deep Thoughts With Paris Hilton

Clearing a few things up
Just checking in to say hello and clear a few things up. I’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails regarding these subjects I’m about to discuss. First of all, last night at a club my boyfriend and I were assaulted for no reason at all. The DJ (I don’t even know his name cause he sucks so bad) was playing the worst music ever! I like certain techno music, but this was not even danceable and was frankly giving me a migraine. I asked one of my friends who runs the hotel if he could change the music and he said ” I’ll lead you up to the DJ booth tell him and he’ll play whatever you want.” So he walked Doug and I over there. I asked the DJ if he could please play Daft Punk or Bob Sinclair and he rudely snapped at me and was like ‘I only play this kind of music.” I think he was jealous cause Bob Sinclair is a far better DJ then this guy by about a million times. He was so unbelievably rude and all because I asked to play one good song. Then out of nowhere his bodyguard (don’t ask me why he has a bodyguard, like he really needs one. Ha) pushed me really hard, that’s when my boyfriend, like my knight in shining armor, stepped in and told the guy to keep his hands off of me. Then all hell broke loose, it was like something out of a fight movie, it was so frightening. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Doug was fighting off like 6 guys. But he was of course stronger then them all but one of the idiots punched him in the face and busted open his lip. There was blood all over, I cried I was so upset and scared. It was ridiculous and for such a stupid reason, I cannot believe people behave this way, like ainmals! FYI this is not in my nature to be in club brawls, I;ve never been around anything like that. It was totally unprovoked and thank God Doug was there to rescue me. A man should NEVER put his hands on a woman in that manner.
Another thing I keep getting are emails from you guys, calls from family, flowers from friends congratulating me on my engagement. They said they read some story the other day saying that when Doug and I went to dinner with my parents the other night that he proposed and I declined. This never happend, I dont know where they come up with these stories sometimes. All we did was have a lovely dinner at my mom’s favorite restaurant. We had all been together on My BFF Show set all day shooting scenes for this upcoming season. It was histerical and a lot of fun. But I will tell you this, Doug is an amazing guy and I feel very lucky that we found each other. We’ve been friends the past year now and have became very close. He’s my best friend, we are so much alike, we love to travel and we have the most incredible time together no matter where we are. I’ve never been happier. He truly treats me like his princess and that’s how every girl should always be treated, Never forget that ladies. My parents love him too, so I’m really happy about that. I love his parents as well, they are such a lovely family. His mother is stunning, so beautiful, sweet, funny and smart. We all had such an amazing time in Maui together, so I’m glad Doug’s getting to know my family as well.
I flew into New York this morning, I’m about to go to the Eye Wear Convention. I’m launching my new sunglass line. I’m so excited! I love wearing sunglasses and now I have my very own line! Loves it! So, I have to run, but hope everyones doing wonderfully and love you all.
Love always Paris xoxo

American Idol In 60 Seconds

bilde American Idol In 60 Seconds

Adam Lambert- A- Danny Gokey-  B Allison I.-  A- Lil Rounds-  B Scott M-  C+

Kris Allen-  C+ Megan Joy-  D Matt Giraud-  A- Anoop- B+ Michael S. –  C

Some of you didn’t catch the show so I thought I’d give you a rundown:  It wasMow… week.  Smokey Robinson was in the house looking good for his age and dressed in slick brown leather pants! Barry Gordy was also visiting with a hot young thang as his girlfriend!  err….maybe that was his daughter. Nah…can’t be she’s too young. Anyways… I digress.

The absolute highlight was when Simon drew a mustache on Paula’s face. Can’t wait for a video on Youtube about it.  Simon had made a crack at Paula and so Paula gave him a coloring book and crayons so he can be the little 5 year old he wants to be.  At some point, Simon got a hold of a marker and drew a mustache on Paula’s face really quick during a performance. Priceless.

Adam lambert- best of the night (big surprise).  He sang “Tracks Of My Tears” in a very unique and cool way.

Adam Lambert

The next best on my list is Matt Giraud with a great rendition of “Let’s Get It On”

Matt G

Anoop, Alison and Lil Rounds did very well. Unfortunately for Megan Joy and Michael Sarver, they are failing big time lately and need to pick up the pace.  Actually Megan Joy was extremely painful to watch!

You’ll notice Danny Gokey was neither terrible or very good. He was only “so-so” and really needs to pick things up to rise over the rest. I love Danny Gokey so I hope he does something other than a lame easy song next week.

Scott and Kris Allen are going to be out within 2 weeks if they don’t do something different and unique in this competition. Disability or not… come on now. Get a new act besides the guitar Kris…and Scott needs a non-cheesy song for once.