katyperry thecount 209x300 Can Katy Perry Re create Magic of Divas Beyonce, Gwen and Madonna?

Katy Perry was deep sea thinking late night on Twitter. She was praising Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Madonna for all of the magic in music they’ve created throughout the years. Katy was expressing how she aspires to be a big diva for years to come just like her heroes. She ponders if her fans will stick with her, or move on to the ‘next’ Katy Perry. She’s already worried about her shelf life as a popstar and obviously not enjoying her current fame! Hello Katy!!! You’ve been all over the radio and TV for the last year. Isn’t that good enough? Study your heroes…that is where your answer lies dear grasshopper. Here’s her tweety thoughts…(I put together this compilation of tweets in a row that she wrote)


katyperry “It’s not a race it’s a marathon. I keep telling myself this. Think of the big picture. I think music is weird these days, people don’t…… Well the music industry doesn’t let u grow anymore, everything has 2B now, so immediate. Like watching Gwen [Stefani] tonight that was a 15 year..In the making. I can’t wait to make magic like that in 15 yrs, I just don’t know if people will wait for people to grow like they…Used too. Music is not fast food… It should change & grow and not be such competition of who’s on top or not. I think since we live …In such a internet fueled world w/everything @ our finger tips immediately we all want our musicians to b of Beyonce/Madonna level from the get go when we forget those amazing girls have been doing it for 15-25 years. I’m so thankful for the wonderful new fans & hope u guys will grow with me. Okay, that’s it… Just wanted to yack. love, Katy. Go grab ur dreams now and make them true life.”