IMAN “Our Dog Has Bowie Eyes” Emerges First Time Since Death

Iman has emerged for the first time since her husband David Bowie‘s death. The supermodel was spotted in NYC walking the family dog, who has eyes strangely reminiscent of Bowie.

As the world mourns the loss of the singer, Iman bravely stepped out as she walked the David’s doppelganger dog.

bowie iman

Iman and Bowie tied the knot in April of 1992. They have a daughter together, Alexandria Zahra Jones, 15. Iman is also stepmom to David’s son, Duncan Jones. Continue reading


According to newly released documents, rapper T.I. and his wife, Tiny, owe a staggering $4.5 million in unpaid taxes.

The unpaid taxes occurred between 2012-2013, six years after the rapper bought a mansion in 2006 for $4.26 million dollars.

t.i. unpaid taxes

Yikes! Where did all of that Blurred Lines money go?! Not to mention T.I. is one of the top ten highest paid rappers of 2015 in addition to being worth $215 million.  Continue reading

Rihanna Shows Up To MTV Movie Awards To Honor Illuminati

Rihanna is notorious for provocative outfits, so by looking at this picture you maybe thinking it’s just business as usual for the singer appearing on the red carpet at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. But where this story gets a little bite is in the way that one of the major press outlets reacted. And it wasn’t good, at least for Rihanna.

rihanna mtv awards Rihanna Shows Up To MTV Movie Awards In Her Undergarments but Theres A Bigger Story Brewing

The negative slant on the story may indicate a new Illuminati princess is on the wayafter USA Today gave Rihanna about the worst possible insult by crowning Nicki Minajthe queen of the carpet while giving Rihanna a boot in the ass on her way out.

2014 mtv movie awards nicki minaj 2 Rihanna Shows Up To MTV Movie Awards In Her Undergarments but Theres A Bigger Story Brewing

“Nicki Minaj caused us to raise eyebrows and nod our heads in approval, Rihanna’s look is cause for confusion. USA Today.

Ouch. And it didn’t stop there..

“The singer, who was on hand for a performance with Eminem, looks boudoir-ready in a look by Ulyana Sergeenko. Hmm. It looks to us as if she overslept and didn’t have time to change. Even her hair has that messy bedhead look to it.”

It’s safe to say we should be expecting a big Nicki Minaj push coming soon to a blog near you.


Some are calling Eminem‘s new song the best rap ever, but we’re calling it homophobic. What else could the take away be with lines like, “break a table over the backs of a few faggots..” ??? Even with dubious lyrics, the track is still being touted by major press outlets as the next biggest thing since sliced hatred.. The video was recently featured on TIME and they dubbed the track “DIVINELY immortal!” Really? We say, Divinely hateful..


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Chris Brown PDA HOT Blonde While Rihanna Does Lakers ALONE

Chris Brown should change his name to Chris Dogg, after all, Snoop Dogg left the name available after changing his to Lion. Chris was snapped exhibiting some serious PDA with an unidentified blonde bombshell. He even bought her a $300 bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne. This blatant Rihanna disss came just days after Breezy appeared on a L.A. radio show admitting HIS insecurities about Rihanna cheating on HIM. So I ask you, does this cozy hookup make ANY sense?74078106 Chris Brown PDA HOT Blonde While Rihanna Does Lakers ALONE

74078103 Chris Brown PDA HOT Blonde While Rihanna Does Lakers ALONE

74078109 Chris Brown PDA HOT Blonde While Rihanna Does Lakers ALONE

Meanwhile, Riri was looking like the crack addict homeless person I give my change to at the store, attending the Lakers Clippers game in a one-piece jumper. It is really the mouth that shows the first signs of hard drug abuse? I thought I heard that somewhere..

rihanna glamour 8apr13 wen b 592x888 Chris Brown PDA HOT Blonde While Rihanna Does Lakers ALONE

Lady Gaga Cocaine Use Admission Dangerous For Teen Fans

Lady Gaga came right out and said that she uses Cocaine “occasionally” in a recent Vanity Fair interview and that single statement sends a loud signal to her young fans that drug use is “Okay.”

“Kids look up to these music stars and when they says someone is ‘cool’ then the kids follow them like rats to the Pied Piper” said one of readers.

The statement that Gaga made about her ongoing drug use doesn’t just endanger kids, it could hurt Gaga fans of any age who may either be on the fence about using drugs or ever worse, fans that have had past drug abuse problems and decide to fall off the wagon as they follow Gaga.

“I think Lady Gaga has hit an all time low,” said one former Gaga fan, “I’m no prude, but Lady Gaga saying she uses coke is shocking, when you have the influence she has and you advocate drug use, you can bet countless people will suffer, it’s so wrong, I don’t know how she sleeps at night, oh wait, maybe she doesn’t sleep!”

Gaga has been making plenty of bad choices as of late, and many are in the name of “shock value” which often translates in to sale, however, condoning drug use is crossing the line. I think I hear the choir singing the verses, “BOYCOTT GAGA, BOYCOTT GAGA.”